Is It You?

Kate and Harry are best friends. He watched her grow up, and took care of her when she needed support. They are like brother and sister. Kate has kept a secret from Harry for a long time, and she is planning on telling him. Although, when he moves to America after getting a huge opportunity, Kate soon loses touch with her best friend. After two long years, she meets up with a familiar face. Will she get the chance to tell him how she really felt?


9. Not Much Longer

Kate's P.O.V. (A Year Later)


Omg! There is only 44 more weeks until i can see Harry again! Time is going by really fast. 

I tried to text Harry to tell him how excited I was, but it said that the number is unavailable. There was a link to the message. I went to it, and there was this passage saying how Harry's number was no longer in use, and never was. 

Great. Now I lost all contact with my friend. What am I supposed to do now?!

I guess I have my girls...

Emily, Candace, Maggie, Ashlyn, and I are probably the female version of One Direction. We are best friends now. I am so happy that I found people who are experiencing the same thing I am. It feels great to talk about Harry, and how much I miss him, around people who actually understand what I am going through. 

We planned a shopping day for today, and I am so excited. This was going to be an awesome day!


Harry's P.O.V.


I love America. It is really nice, and the boys and I are having a wonderful time. Soon, we will be heading back to England. I cannot wait! Even though I love America, I love England even more. 

The boys and I already recorded two FULL albums. They are called 'Up All Night' and 'Take Me Home'. The songs are really catchy, and I feel like we get to hang loose in them. They are all songs that the boys and I wrote together. 

The company is talking about a movie, and I am so pumped. I think the fans will want something bigger than a few albums, so a movie is perfect!

This is so great! My dreams are finally coming true, and they are coming true with four of my bestest friends.

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