Is It You?

Kate and Harry are best friends. He watched her grow up, and took care of her when she needed support. They are like brother and sister. Kate has kept a secret from Harry for a long time, and she is planning on telling him. Although, when he moves to America after getting a huge opportunity, Kate soon loses touch with her best friend. After two long years, she meets up with a familiar face. Will she get the chance to tell him how she really felt?


6. I Will Never Forget You.

Harry's P.O.V.


This is not happening. Is this a dream? If it is a dream, someone please pinch me. And HARD. I can't leave England. I have a family, and a life. They don't expect me to start off fresh do they?!

I had to break the news to Kate. This was not going to be easy at all. Kate is my BEST friend ever since day one. I don't think I can be away from her. 

As soon as I got home, I called her. "Hey, Harry. What's up?"

"Kate, this is very important. Can I come over, so we can talk in person?"

"Uh, sure Harry. My parents are out, so I guess that's fine."

"I'll be over in five." I said before I hung up.

I pulled into her driveway, and ran to her door. I rang the doorbell, and as soon as she opened it I rushed inside. "Kate, there is something horrible that I need to tell you." She just looked shocked. "What is it Harry?" 

I braced myself. "The day after we lost the X-Factor, the boys and I were offered something HUGE. It is going to change our lives forever." I stopped for a moment. You can do this, Styles. I continued. "We were offered a record deal for this really awesome company. They promised us albums, singles, everything." She looked happy.

"That's awesome Harry! Why do you seem so upset? This is a great opportunity for you guys! Your biggest dream is to become a famous singer. It's FINALLY happening!" She seemed confused. 

"Because, Kate. This company is... kinda... in the United States." Oh god. Her once smiling face fell. "Oh." She said. 

She looked down at the floor, unable to speak. I was at a loss for words as well. A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Everything is going to be okay. We are going on tour there for a year and a half, but we'll be back after that. Once the tour is over, we will have senior year before another tour comes around. I'm really sorry Kate. I can't just take my signature off the contract. Besides, if I would have known before I signed it, I would have never picked up the pen." 

She seemed a bit happier. "It's fine, Harry. I just don't know what I will do without my best friend. Especially for a year-" She choked up. 

I pulled her in close. She wrapped her arms around me, and cried into my chest. "Shhh, it's okay. I will never forget you."

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