Take me home

Caiti , Makayla and Louis had been friends ever since birth , literally. They have been through practically everything together.When they go into highschool They meet Harry Styles the bad boy that Caiti instantly fell in love with , despite his appearance and reputation...
(Mickey Styles is makayla she's my real sister btw lol)


2. Chapter 2

took my phone out of my pocket and began to dial my moms number , She was running late to pick me up and i was starting to worry...After about calling her 3 times and still no answer i decided to give up and call my dad.He arrived drunk as usual and the car was a mess i guess somebody saw the bottle of beer and yelled "STOP!" in a thick british accent. I turned around and saw the guy i had  embarrassed myself in front of today. I just stood there shocked , he grabbed my arm a my dad shouted from his crappy ford pinto "HEY what're you doin' with my daughter"He yelled and the guy took me to his motorcycle

"w-what's your name?" i asked nervously

"Harry." he replied back coldly


"Here , get on." he said

I was taken aback "Do you want to go home or not?." he said angrily

I got on without saying anything he was kind of angry at me i guessed so i just shutup for the rest of the ride and he said something that made him even hotter , he cooled down after a bit. "Go ahead and hold on." He said to me with a wink.

I wrapped my arms around him securely he was warm and it made me have butterflies inside.

"Um , you just passed my house.." i said scared "where are you taking me?!" 

He looked back and gave me glare "somewhere that has food , i'm hungry." He smirked

He pulled into a Mcdonalds parking lot and held my hand as we walked in , it was kind of odd i felt like he liked me but i was far too ugly and he was Harry he was popular , the bad boy and lets all not forget he was unmistakably hot. "Yeah , i'll have 6 big mac s , 5 large fries and 6 coca-cola's. "That'll be 15.95" the cashier said , Harry handed her a 20.00 dollar bill and when she scrimmaged for change he said keep it. I saw 4 other motorcycles pull up and saw 4 incredisoubly hot guys pull up to our table. "Guys , meet Caiti." Harry said , "Dayuuumm! look at the booty on this one!" one of them said as they slapped my ass

i felt a sudden urge to beat the shit out of them but i didn't want to make a scene. a murder scene. So i just said "Excuse you?!" and kicked him in the balls. He dropped to the floor and the others all started laughing including Harry "That's Liam ." Harry pointed to the man on the floor that i had just kicked "He's a little perverted and pushy." . "That's niall , Louis , and zayn" he pointed to the other guys Niall was an irish blonde , Louis was british and adorable and Zayn lets just say he was hot but There was something about Harry that i liked more than the others , his personality. "H-hi" i said to all of them 

(Louis (my bff) is not louis tomlinson)


Me and Harry started to actually get to know each other just by a little conversation at a mcdonalds . He was just angry with me , because he couldn't understand me. I walked into my house it was dark when i got back  and my mom wasn't home i couldn't find her anywhere i turned on the T.V and it opened up to the news . There had been a car crash and my mom was in it i started to sob and went out to Harry's house. I rund his doorbell in tears and he asked me what happened. "Harry i know we don't know each other that well but i need a ride to the hospital.."

I got to the hospital and went to my mom's room she was just lying there with tubes up her nose and bandages wrapped all over her . "Mom!" i yelled scared , "Baby , come here don't yell..." she said her voice groggy

i went over to her she looked awful "Can you do me a favor?." she asked

"What is it?" i asked

"T-take me home-" and she stopped breathing i cried into Harry's arms and i felt reassured i had just lost my mom now i have to go live with my dad! It had been the first day of school and the unthinkable happened...

"Why did she die?" i asked feeling tears forming

"She had suffered some head trauma and she was bleeding inside..." the nurse replied back

"She got hit by a drunk driver as she was coming to pick you up and her head slammed onto the window causing it to break."



(Hey guys! new chapte r to take me home! it's a little too traumatic but something had to happen so harry and caiti could get to know each other I'M NOT A VERY GOOD WRITER! so please don't leave any hate comments! :(


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