Impossible Love

The time that I first met Niall Horan I did not imagine that I would be feeling this way about him. I used to think he wasn't the type of boy who would be interested in a girl like me so I decided to stop myself from falling in love with him until that day.


1. The plan

"Okay here's the plan" Niall said, "since you need to move out and you have nowhere to go you could come live with me, but you will have to pack your things tonight because we are leaving tomorrow okay?" he continued. "Um... okay I guess" I said "but I don't want to cause you any trouble, so you could just leave without me" I continued, "don't be silly" Louis said "go on...get packing" Liam said, "alright" I answered as I left the room. I went up to my room, went to my closet and took out my suitcase and started filling it with stuff, I packed my clothes, shoes, purses, perfumes, make up, almost everything I had. In one of mu purses that I will be carrying with me during the time we get to travel I put some clothes so that I could change in the morning, my wallet just in case I need it, and my phone. "All ready to go?" I heard Harry ask "yes I'm all ready" I answered as I went down the stairs with my heavy suitcase, "let me help you with that" Niall said as he took the suitcase and carries it to their bus. When we were all on the bus Louis said "we still have one problem lads" "what is it?" Liam asked "she doesn't have a place to stay yet" Louis answered "well that's no problem at all" Niall replied "what do you mean?" Zayn asked "She could stay at my place" Niall said with a smile.

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