On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


9. Chapter 9

Down on my 5th beer I decided to stop, I wasn't even close to getting drunk I knew how to keep down beer. I walked over and sat down on the chairs around the camp fire, i never do understand why there is a bonfire in the middle of august. The country is really weird.

"Hey" Owen says to me as he sits down on the next chair

"Hi" I manage to give a little smile

"Its peaceful right here isn't it." He says 

"Its sort of hot.. why is there a fire in august." I say 

"Well, why are you sitting by it." He asks

"Good point" I get up from my chair and start walking

"I didn't mean to walk away.." He calls

"Too late" I say and turn around and run into Xavier 

"Im so sorry" I say before realizing who it is 

"Watch out, Collins" He says 

"You know what." I say 

"What." He snaps back

"My name is Isabella. Not Collins, thats my last name idiot." I say 

"Hurtful words, Collins." He says 

"How bout you don't remember to call me either one" I say crossing my arms

"Got it.. Collins" He says and walks away 

"Isabella!" April calls to me

"Yea?" I say 

"Aren't you having the most amazing time, its a great party thrown my moi." She says

"Oh, trust me I know tons of languages." She smiles

"How can you stand there and be so fake?" I say 

"Excuse me?" She says 

"I know all your doing is try to toy with the new girl, well get over it im done. Im leaving this stupid town." I say

"All I was trying to do was be nice to you; your not some new girl to me you use to be my best friend." She says surprisingly 

"Whatever, im out of here." I say

"Im not letting you drive, Ill walk you home. Its just down the street." She offers

"I can walk myself." I say 

"Have a nice night" I add

"Look Isabella, im not trying to give you pity. Yes i feel bad what happen to you, but even if it wouldn't have it wouldn't change the way im acting. I want to be friends agian, like we were. Honestly." She says and walks away 

"Hey April" I call to her

"Yea" She says 

"Im sorry, thanks again" I say 

"See you at lunch tommorow" She says with a smile 

"Alrightt" I say

As I start on the long walk to into the dark street, UGHHH why did I drink. 

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