On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


8. Chapter 8

************ATTENTION EVERYONE, NINA DOBREV FROM VAMPIRE DIARIES IS ISABELLA COLLINS*********** i think shes perfect for isabella collins!(:


I rush in room from my first day in this new town. I think I said thanks, im okay a thousand times today and not once meant it at all. I truly do hate this town, no one cares if I'm okay. Everyone just gives me there pity, which i don't want any of it. The party tonight was defiantly not a place where I wanted to be tonight, I would rather stay in bed and watch the vampire diaries all night; but I needed to make a name for me in this town. I decide to sleep because the party starts at 9.

My mind drifts me off to sleep.. when I open my eyes I see my mother. Staring me in the eyes, her arms wrapped around me, I was crying on her shoulder. I remember this day, this was the time she told me she had cancer, and she wouldn't be alive much longer. I jolt awake as fast as I can. I look at the clock, 6:30. I slept for 4 hours. I go down stairs, and see what Aiden is up too. 

"Hey isabella" Grandma calls to me

"Hi" I say 

"i noticed you were sleeping" She says 

"Yea, im going to a party tonight." I say 

"Well i guess thats okay." She says 

"Thanks" I say 

I go up to Aidens room. 

"Hey buddy" I say as i enter 

"Hey Bells! How was your day?" He says 

"It was alright, not my favorite town." I say 

"I like it here Bell" he says 

I walk over to his bed and get under his covers with him. 

"I just wanna come home" I say 

"Me too" He says 

"Do you miss her?" I say 

"More than anything" He says 

The tears just start spilling out of my eyes

"Bell, i know how much you miss her" His tiny voice says 

"I do Aiden.." I manage to say 

He puts his head on my chest and drifts off to sleep, i sit there for almost 30 minutes crying. I decide its time to go get dressed, i give Aiden a kiss on the cheek and head to my room. Its already 8:30 and Im not looking forward to this dumb party anyway. 

I grab torn high waisted shorts and a flowy cute shirt, and grab sandals grab my purse and head out the door.

I drive up to April's familiar home, and all the memories hit me of my childhood happiness. 

As i enter the house and see the room filled with so many unfamiliar faces, my stomach sinks. 

"Isabella you made it!" I heard Aprils sqeaky voice says to me 

"I promised, didn't I?" I say 

"Ahh, this is going to be totally amazing! You look like you need a drink" She says 

"Oh i don't drink, but thanks" I say 

"Oh alright, but if you change your mind you know where to get some" she winks

"Thanks" I say being nice 

"Oh let me introduce you to everyone" she says and drags my arm to a group of people. 

"These are my best friends" She says "Carrie and Maddie" 

"Hi, nice to meet you two." I say giving them a smile 

"And this is Owen." She says pointing to him 

"Trust me i know her,how could i forget her beautiful face." He says and the rest of the guys laugh except one.

"And this is Xavier" She says pointing to a boy I've never seen before.

"Hi" he says barley lifting his head up like he even cared 

"Hi" I say giving a slight smile back 

"Excuse me, I have to go" He says getting up and leaving 

"Sorry about him, he doesn't party much." She says smiling and continues naming pointless names to me. My mind falls back to Xavier, how could he be so rude. He barley even acknowledge my existence. Ugh, i say in my head and force back the annoying ness.

As she finally finishes naming almost everyone at the party, I just smile an nod acting nice. 

"Excuse me, i think im going to go get a drink." I say 

"Ahh, now thats a good girl. Time to party." She says 

I go into the ice chest looking for a lime-marita but there was nothing in here besides beer. 

"Sorry city girl, we don't serve margarita's here if thats what your looking for." Xavier says to me

"I wasn't looking for that, beer is perfectly fine with me" I snap back 

"Isabella was it?" He says 

"Yupp" I say popping the P 

"I don't like that name" He says

"Well thats great for you, cause thats my name." I say "Besides, you criticize my name whose parents name there kid Xavier." I add 

"I could ask the same to your mother, Isabella. Ill call you Collins" He says back 

"Well to late for you, because you'll never have the chance to ask because shes dead douche bag." I say and walk away from the rude boy.

"Oh, and dont even bother to call me Collins. I just rather you not speak to me." 

I never usually curse, but he got on my bad side. 

"Look, im sorry i didn't mean it like that." He says to me 

"Well, to bad your apology doesn't matter to me." I say and walk away 

Gosh, I hate this place more and more every second. I chug my whole beer and grab another.

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