On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


6. Chapter 6

I get dressed today grabbing high waisted shorts and a flowy cute pink top with my locket of coarse, and grab my brown combat boots to tie the outfit together. I go into my bathroom and stare into the mirror. This is me trying to be okay for once. My long brownish/blackish hair with its beautiful waves hits the center of my back.My green eyes stare back at me. Im a person who never wears makeup, maybe mascara sometimes. My eyes lashes are already long enough people think their fake. My flawless olive colored skin doesn't need anything to cover up pimples, because like my mom I never had one. I notice how much I do look like my mother. I finally grab my purse and my keys and hed to Aiden's room. I give him a quick kiss on the forehead before I head out the house. 

I drive around this little town, because I have no idea where anything is. I finally find a cute little shop that looks like it could contain bed room accessories. When I walk inside, its the perfect store. I first go over to the paint section, I do like the color of my room dark purple kind of fits me. So I grab a few paintbrushes and paint pallet in case I decide to touch up somethings on the walls. 

Then I walk over to the bedding area, I find a white one with a elegant black pattern on it and decide its perfect for me. 

I then go to the light section, I know its weird, but I love to have hanging them in my room. I grab the white Christmas lights and put them in my cart. I go onto to get black curtains. 

I buy everything, and decide to head back to the terrible house and start getting everything set up. 

When I enter the house, Aiden is sitting at the table being bored without me.

"Aiden theres some stuff in the car, would you mind helping?" I ask 

"Sure Bells!" He says excitedly

"You know I can help too?" Grandpa says 

"Would you mind?" I ask 

"Not at all" he says smiling 

They help me get everything in the room, then my grandpa leaves 

"Hes trying Bell" He says 

"For a 6 year old, your trying hard to get me to like them" i say sqeezing his nose

"I really want you to like them" He says 

"Mhm, maybe one day kid" I reply

I set up my bed spread and sheets, and set up my lights around my bed and wall board. I then fill one wall with memories of my life at home with my friends and Aiden and my mom. I also fill them with quotes, and meaningful things. 

"Can I watch you paint Bell?" Aidens tiny voice says 

"Sure Aiden" I say smiling at him 

I pull my hair into a messy bun on my head. I change into a big t-shirt and yoga pants. 

I paint my favorite quote "Without the dark, you'd never see the stars." And paint little stars around it on a different wall. I took art for 4 years, and become pretty good at it. 

I then paint a flock of birds on the wall coming off of the pictures, and smile at my masterpiece. 

"It looks beautiful Isabella" My grandma says 

"Thank you" I say 

"Shes real good" Aiden says laughing 

"Im alright" I say

"Maybe we could get you into art class here." Grandma says 

"I would like that." I say 

"Dinner's ready" She says 

"Ill be down in a second." I say 

"Food!" Aiden screams and runs down the stairs 

I lay on my bed reminding me how much my room reminds me of Seattle, where I miss. I decide to grab my phone that I haven't had in days. 

My inbox includes over a 100 messages saying *Miss you Isabella* *Sorry for you loss* *Come home* 

I ignore the texts and go into the group message with Ali and Lauren and say Miss you guys so much, I hate this place. Bring me home please xoxoxo call soon please

And hit send. 

I really miss having someone to talk too. Maybe I will make friends at my new school.

I end up laughing at my own thought because I know I won't. 

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