On and On

Isabella Collins- Nina Dobrev(the vampire diaries)
Xavier Pierce- Austin Butler(the carrie diaries)
April Brooks- Ariana Grande (as red head)


4. Chapter 4

We sit on the plane in silence. Grandma tries to make conversation with Aiden, but he remembers that I told him not to talk to her. I stare at the little 6 year olds sad face, wondering what happen to us. Our dad walked out on us when he was 1, and now we lost our best friend at 6. I stare at his face, knowing that he has no idea what a family is. All he has is me. 

"Bella, are you excited to be back at home?" Grandma asks me through my music 

This lady has no idea who I am, why is she trying to talk to me. I ask myself 

"Its Isabella to you, don't try and make up a nickname for me. That's something a family member would tried have done when I was young. Seattle is my home, take me back there and i'll be happy to stay." I snap back at her 

"But you grew up in Florida." She says 

"I may have grown up in Florida, but my father made us leave when I was four.So I learned to love Seattle." I say turning up my music to full blast on my phone. I grab Aiden's tiny hands in mind, and watch him drift off to sleep.

The music finally drifts me off to sleep too.

When I awake, I almost forget where I am. Then I remember we left today, and won't be returning. 

I pretend like I'm asleep for the rest of the plane ride, so my grandmother doesn't try to make any more conversation with me. 

When I feel the plane starts going down, I open my eyes. Aiden is still sleeping, and his hand is still wrapped around my wrist. Grandma is still reading her annoying book. When she sees my eyes open, she smiles at me.

"I really wish you were excited to be home again" She tells me. "I can't wait until y'all are all settled in and you go to school." 

I ignore her comment about being home, this isn't my home. She doesn't get it.

"School?" I ask. 

Since I'm 16, I'm suppose to be going into junior year. Looking back, I would've never guessed how my summer would've turned out. 

"Yes, you will be attending Pinewood High." She says 

I've gone to private school my whole life, and now I'm expected to go to a public school.

"Its the only High school in Pinewood." She smiles

"Of coarse it is..." I say "Where is Aiden going?" 

"Pinewood elementary." She says 

"Wow, these names are real original." I say getting annoyed with her already

"You know Isabella, you use to be a lot nicer when you were four." She says 

"And you use to be less annoying, oh wait that was never." I say 

"You really have grown to look exactly like your mother." She says 

Thats it.

"You know what grandma.Maybe if you would've cared about your daughter a little more, she wouldn't have left. Your crazy physco mother thing you have, drove her crazy. You were such a bitch to her, and you expect me to come here and live with you and expect a relationship. Well your dumb if you think that." 

I get up from my seat, and walk into the small airplane bathroom. 

I realize I just cursed,and I never curse. Only when I'm super mad, but she pushes me. 

I stare into the mirror and see how bad I look. My brownish/blackish hair looks like a rats nest because I haven't washed it in 2 days. My old makeup smeared down my face from crying so much. I've never looked so bad before. 

When I return to my seat, Aiden is awake and we are about to land. The annoying flight attended just told us to fasten our seat belts. 

I'm the first person to get off the plane, because I feel suffocated in there. 

I see Aiden holding hand with my grandmother, and anger fills me. 

I grab my luggage, and wait by the exit. Finally my grandma and grandpa have their luggage's and Aidens in their hand. 

"When will all our stuff be delivered and my car?" I ask

"By sunday or monday!" Grandpa says to me 

They point to their car, and I walk to it without a word. 

Of coarse they drive a fricken Mercedes, while I drive a fricken Mazada. I think to myself 

The drive to Pinewood took over 30 mintues, but I just plugged earphones in my ear and let the music take me away. 

Aiden taps me and I look at him.

"What?" I say 

"Look were here!"he says smiling 

We pull into the familiar neighborhood. Childhood memories flood into my mind. 

We pass my old best friend April's house, where we use to act like we were princess and live in a castle. 

We pull into the drive way of the familiar house that I use to call my home.

"Isabella, I'm pretty sure you remember this house." She says 

"I don't" I say lying to her 

As we enter the slightly large house, the memories hit my like a rock in my stomach. And i just want to cry. 

"Isabella,you and Aiden are upstairs. Pick any rooms yall want." She says as her puts the suitcases down

Aiden runs up the stairs, and I walk up the stairs slowly. 

Aiden chooses my old room, which was small and painted blue. He says he loves it, there are stars painted on the ceiling and those are his favorite part. 

I have to pick between two rooms now. 

I choose my mothers old room, I use to love her room.

Nothing has changed since we left.

The same dark purple room, simple bed frame. My favorite is the large window, that shows the lake outside. 

"I knew you would pick this room, you can decorate it anyway you want too." My grandma says as she appears in the room. 

"Okay." I say and she disappears 

There is a frame on the side of the bed, a picture of my mother holding me in her arms.

I stare at the picture and lie down on my bed. I let the tears glide down my cheeks, because this place is to much to handle. 

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