The New Love

A 18 year old girl named Luna Smith just transferred to a new school called Koi High, a school for talented students. Luna got in the school for softball, but to also make friends. Luna is a 2nd basemen. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She meets a girl named Willow Jones who she finds out is on the softball team. They become friends immediately. There is also a group of boys who are in the music club. They love there music and don't talk to many people, at least people don't talk to them. The leader is a boy named Jake Harrison, he has dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. Luna and Jake meet in the library and Jake takes an interest in Luna and he teases her everyday. Luna gets mad and pushes him into a pond. He says that since she got his uniform wet that costs 100 dollars she has to be his slave for the whole school year. A few problems happen and there bond grows. There's jealousy and surprise twists. Will something grown between them?


15. New Friend and Change in Classes


           Another day at school. I hate Mondays, I should be able to sleep on this day. I walked in with Jakes arm around my shoulder while he walked me to my class. 

Luna: "You don't have to walk me to class Jake."

Jake: "Who says I'm taking you to class, maybe I am going to class." Jake said with a sly grin.

           I looked at him like he was crazy. We kept walking until we entered one of my favorite classes. Algebra!! Mrs. Barns was sitting at her desk and greeted me and Jake as we walked in. I saw Willow sitting at the seat in front of mine along with another boy I haven't seen before.

Luna: "Willow, who is this?"

Willow: "This is the new kid. His name is Elliott. I met him on my way here."

Luna: "Hey Elliott, my name is Luna and this is my um... boyfriend Jake." Me and Jake shook his hand and sat at our seats. I stared at Jake in confusion.

Elliott: "Hey, its nice to meet you guys. I don't really have a lot of friends so I wouldn't mind hanging with you all. Well, only if you want me to."

Luna: "We would love for you to join our little group Elliott." I noticed him sneaking glances at Willow and her blushing repeatedly. Well this should be interesting. I turned my head towards Jake.

Luna: "Now, why are you here?"

Jake: "I am now in this class with you." He smirked and yanked my desk right next to his.

         I rolled my eyes and tried to push away from him since class was about to start and I don't want a distraction in this class. Jake just squeezed my thigh and bent over to whisper in my ear.

Jake: "Don't roll your eyes at me sweetie. Now it's my turn to mess with you."

         I heard the promise in his words but I wasn't sure what he meant. Class has now started and I passed up my homework along with everyone else. Mrs. Barn started the lesson and I could still feel Jakes hand on my thigh rubbing circles around it.

Mrs. Barn: "Luna could you answer what 28 divided by 7 is please?"

Luna: "Yes, the answer is-" I cut off when I felt Jakes hand move to the front of my skirt rubbing circles through it. Mrs. Barn looked at me with confusion and asked the question again.

Luna: "4" I said breathlessly.

         My face turned bright red when I noticed all my classmates staring at me. Willow and Elliott were giving me confused looks. I turned to Jake and glared at him but he just smirked and kept looking forward.

         It was quiet for a while during the lesson until Jake reached his hand under my skirt and rubbed me through my underwear. I put my head on the desk and tried to ignore him. 

Mrs. Barn: "Luna, are you all right?"

        All I could do was nod my head. She didn't seem convinced but she went back to teaching anyways. Jake was still smirking.

         I tried to hold in moans but it was so hard. My breathing was coming out in hard pants and I could felt myself becoming wetter by the minute and it seems Jake noticed too. I felt him move my underwear to the sides and rubbed my clit. I stared at him in shock and clutched the edge of the desk.

         I was getting so many strange looks. At least I'm not making as much noise surprisingly. I knew I was close though as I moved my hips to feel his fingers more. He then thrust 2 fingers in me with so much force that I couldn't hold it in.

Luna: "Ahh!!"

            Everyone stopped what they were doing until I told Mrs. Barn I wasn't feeling well. Jake was holding in laughter and took me to the nurses office. When we got there I noticed the nurse wasn't there and I dragged Jake over to the bed behind the curtains for emergency. To me this is an emergency.

Luna: "You Idiot!!! Fix this now!"

            Jake layed me on the bed while I took off my pants. He took off his and I could see how hard he was. He pushed up my shirt and bra and sucked on my nipple. His hand working my clit while doing so.

Luna: "Jake please!"

Jake: "Whats that baby? I can't hear you."

Luna: "Please, fuck me already Jake or so help me god you won't have a dick to use anymore!!"

           Jake yanked down his boxer and lined himself up at my entrance. He thrust in hard and i cried out in pleasure.

Luna: "Yes, just like that baby!"

Jake: "You feel so fucking good!"

          Jake thrust harder and faster each time hitting the right spot. I was so close. 

Luna: "I'm almost there baby, faster!!" I said as I dug my nails into his back.

Jake: "Come for me baby." Jake whispered by my ear and that was the end for me. I climaxed after that and just a few seconds later Jake grunted and came as well.

Luna: "Never and I mean NEVER do that again!"

          Jake laughed and we got our clothes on just as the bell for second period started. 

Jake: "Well we made a new friend and had some fun in class."

          I laughed and we walked to our second period, hopefully Jake doesn't have this class with me.





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