The New Love

A 18 year old girl named Luna Smith just transferred to a new school called Koi High, a school for talented students. Luna got in the school for softball, but to also make friends. Luna is a 2nd basemen. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She meets a girl named Willow Jones who she finds out is on the softball team. They become friends immediately. There is also a group of boys who are in the music club. They love there music and don't talk to many people, at least people don't talk to them. The leader is a boy named Jake Harrison, he has dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. Luna and Jake meet in the library and Jake takes an interest in Luna and he teases her everyday. Luna gets mad and pushes him into a pond. He says that since she got his uniform wet that costs 100 dollars she has to be his slave for the whole school year. A few problems happen and there bond grows. There's jealousy and surprise twists. Will something grown between them?


5. Jealous? Part 1

                Luna a woke up the next day feelings a little confused. She remembered what Jake said yesterday. Did he really like her? Luna got up and ran to school. She met up with Willow and they started talking on there way to school.

Willow: "How is being the jerk's slave?"

Luna: "Not really that bad actually." Luna whispered it a little, but Willow still heard. Luna turned to Willow and Willow's eyes were popping out of her head.

Willow: "You aren't serious right?"

                Luna shrugged and went to her locker. When she went she saw Jake leaning against a locker talking to a girl. 'Was he flirting!' Luna thought. He touched her thigh and Luna felt her heart drop to the pit of her stomach.

               She stomped off to her first period, but she couldn't help to feel bad about it. 'Wait am I jealous? No way!' Luna shouted no in her head and tried to not think about it.

               After school was over she went to the library and started on her homework in silence. She got a feeling someone was behind her.

Unknown Voice: "Hey babe."

              She turned to see Jake leaning against a bookcase.

Luna: "Go away jerk!"

              Luna turned and Jake came over and pulled her chin to his face.

Jake: "What's wrong?" Jake looked at Luna with concern.

              Luna turned away and ignored him. Jake got pissed off.

Jake: "Luna, don't make me persuade you to tell me." Jake threatened.

             Luna kept ignoring. Jake sat down next to her and grabbed her waist and put her on his lap so she was straddling him.

Luna: "Let go you jerk!" Luna pushed him, but Jake kept a good grip on her waist.

Jake: "Then tell me what's wrong."

            Luna turned her head away from him and blushed. Jake smirked at that.

Luna: "Nothing now talk to the prissy little girl and go up her thigh again." Luna said that in a whisper, but Jake still heard. Jake chuckled and grabbed Luna's thighs.

Jake: "Is MY Luna jealous?" Jake smirked.

           Luna shivered at him saying "MY Luna." Jake noticed and took that as an advantage for him.

Jake: "What's wrong MY Luna."

          Luna shivered again. She knew he was teasing her. She tried to punch him, but Jake grabbed her thigh and she moaned. He smirked and grabbed her chin.

Jake: "You have no reason to be jealous Luna. I like you, I want you to be my girlfriend."

          Luna was a little dazed. 'Girlfriend? Is he serious?'

Luna: "Are you serious?"

Jake: "Yes Luna I want you to be MINE."

Luna: "I cant believe you Jake. You flirt and I don't believe you."

Jake: "Then I'll make you believe me."

          As Jake said that he kissed me. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, but I wouldn't let him. He bit my bottom lip and I growled in please. I put my hand over my mouth in shock. 'Did I just growl?' Jake noticed and smiled.

Jake: "Looks like I have more of an affect on you than you thought."

         Jake kissed Luna again, but she still wouldn't let him enter her mouth. He kissed her neck and went to her sweet spot behind her ear causing her to moan. Jake to that chance and stuck is tongue in her mouth. She moaned in pleasure and she started getting dizzy again.

Jake: "No one can make you feel like this Luna. No one. You. Are. Mine."

         Luna moaned and tried to catch her breath.

Jake: "Do you believe me now?"

         Luna nodded and answered him.

Luna: "Yes Jake, I will be your girlfriend." Luna smiled and kissed him on the mouth.

         Jake was shocked by her action, but kissed her back. Jake smiled and he knew that he truly liked Luna and that he would never let her go. Even if it killed him. Even if she rejected him. He would catch her heart either way.






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