The New Love

A 18 year old girl named Luna Smith just transferred to a new school called Koi High, a school for talented students. Luna got in the school for softball, but to also make friends. Luna is a 2nd basemen. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She meets a girl named Willow Jones who she finds out is on the softball team. They become friends immediately. There is also a group of boys who are in the music club. They love there music and don't talk to many people, at least people don't talk to them. The leader is a boy named Jake Harrison, he has dirty blond hair and emerald green eyes. Luna and Jake meet in the library and Jake takes an interest in Luna and he teases her everyday. Luna gets mad and pushes him into a pond. He says that since she got his uniform wet that costs 100 dollars she has to be his slave for the whole school year. A few problems happen and there bond grows. There's jealousy and surprise twists. Will something grown between them?


2. Asked Out?

              Its been a week since Luna started being Jakes slave. It was terrible. He switched all his classes to match hers, just so he could bother her.

Unknown voice: "Hey babe", someone said in a sexy tone.

              Jake grabbed Luna by the waist and pulled her close.

Luna: " Don't call me babe you ass!"

              Luna tried to smack him, but he grabbed her wrists and pushed her against the wall in and alley near her house. He kissed her and rubbed her neck. 'He found out that was one of my weaknesses and has been using it against me every since.'

Jake: " Feisty this morning now aren't we, don't forget your still my slave." Jake smirked at me that made me blush.

              'Wait, why was I blushing about that. God hee has gotten so stuck in my head lately.' I pushed him off and walked to the store. I only live a few houses away from Jake, so everytime I leave the house he ends up finding me.

Jake: " Come on don't be like that babe."

Luna: " Don't call me babe, Bastard!"

Jake: " That hurts princess."

Luna: " Enough with the nick names."

              Jake was not as bad as I thought. When I go to the store he will help with the shopping, but he still as perverted as always. Jake grabbed my hand and out fingers intertwined. I blushed in secret, but I knew he could tell.

Jake: " Your cute when you blush," he said with a smirk.

              I let go of his hand and pushed him away. He looked hurt at first, but I decided not to notice. When I got to the store Jake helped again with the shopping.

              When we were done we started to walk home when someone grabbed me by the arm. I was about to scream and shout when Jake punched him right in the face.

Stranger: " My face, I think you broke my nose you bastard!" The man shouted out in pain and ran off.

Jake: Don't touch girls asshole!"

               Jake grabbed my hand and led me to the front door of my house. My parents passed away when I was young, so I live on my own.

Jake: " Will you be ok on your own?"

Luna: " Yes, thank you."

Jake: " Well, since its a Friday and tomorrows a Saturday do you want to maybe hangout?"

               'Was Jake really asking me out on a date'

Luna: " Yeah, why not, we could watch a movie at my house, if you want?"

Jake: " What about your parents?"

                When Jake said that a small amount of pain went through my body.

Luna: " My parents passed away when I was little, so I live on my own. I could also cook supper also. I have softball practice Sunday though."

Jake: " I'll just come and watch then. See how good you are." Jake said with a chuckle.

Luna: " Ok, that's fine."

                I opened the door but Jake slammed it shut again and grabbed me by the waist. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, which made me shiver. Jake knew I hated that. He turned me around and kissed me. He tilted my head back and started kissing my neck going back up to my lips each time. I dropped the groceries out of my hands and almost fell to my knees in enjoyment. He was so amazing. I put my arms around his neck.

                 He must have noticed my legs getting weak, because he picked them both up and pushed me against the wall holding me there. He kissed me with need this time. It felt different then before, like he wanted me not as a slave, but something more.

                Jake let me down and let me go. He had a smile on his face, like he was satisfied.

Jake: " My, my, I never knew you could get so weak from a kiss, my little slave."

Luna: gasping noise "Shut up! You ass."

                 I ran inside after picking up the groceries and slammed the door. I ran upstairs and landed on my bed. I decided to take a shower and lay down. I heard my phone go off and I saw that I had a text message.

                 It was from Jake.

Jake: See you tomorrow slavey.

Luna: Come up with better nick names.

Jake: I'm sorry about your parents.

                 I felt a spark start in my heart, like I was happy.

Luna: Its ok, see you tomorrow Jake.

Jake: Good night my little slave.

                 He still kept the nicknames. Ill punch him tomorrow. I went to bed, but I smiled this time. I felt... loved.


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