This isnt the end,its just the beginning...

4 Girls;Reina,Crystal,Natalya,Melanie;Host A Going Away Party For Their Friend,Bianca.But When a Outbreak Of An Infection Happens,& Everyone Around Them Falls ILL,& Dies,Its A Game Of Survival,Game Of Trust,Game Of Love,Game Of How To Not Become Infected,And Myabe Learning That New Friends May Be More Trustworthy & Loyal Than Old friends,A game Of Knowing That no One Is there to catch you when you fall.


1. Goodbyes Aren't Forever..

Bianca P.o.v ~

Me & my best friend,Reina,Were stuffed we were just leaving one of the best resturants In New York City.I was leaving to London for an opportunity for me & my clothing line to get the boost it deserves.I really didnt want to leave my best friends,Reina,Crystal,Natalya,& Melanie,But i promised them that if i see any hot guys that i'd fly em over the pond."C'mon lets bounce!"Reina said.All of my "sisters" were beautiful,even though our pasts don't reflect on our beauty,we still didn't let it get in our way.Reina Had her long brown curled hair & greyish eyes that were so mysterious yet incredibly beautiful,she was wearing dark blue skin tight jeans,peach colored booties,a light blue jean  jacket & a peach crop top & a matching peach bow in her hair.I was had my red curly hair straightened,& i have blue eyes,i was wearing a black & white cutout dress & a light blue jean jacket & black high heels with studs on them.We took a cab to our home,me & all of my friends were roomates in our condo."Sources & doctors say that the outbreak of infection will take hold of nearly the whole population,& urgers people to take serious percaution,& get medicine & stay home & avoid unsanitary living in order to avoid infection,and those -"a woman said on the radio before the driver changed the station."I hate when they do that , like nothing bad every happens!"Reina Said."Yeah."i said.We soon arrived & left the cab & entered our home.I put the key in & opened the door."SURPRISE!!!".I dropped my key & saw the rest of the girls & other friends as well.Everyone came towards me & hugged me."Are you guys serious?"I yelled,everyone laughed.I couldn't help but smile,tears welled up,'Don't Cry!Don't Cry!Don't Cry!Please don't cry!'i thought.A tear fell onto my face ,& I quicky wiped it.Soon,music came on,& people started dancing.Now i really didnt wanna leave.I saw Reina come off to her boyfriend of three years,Eddie.It reminded me how lonely i was,I felt a hand grab mines & twirled me around,it was Crystal.She had her long brown hair down & straightened,she was wearing a flowy blue skirt,& a black crop top,& black flats."C'mon Dance!"she said.Her hazel eyes sparkled at me,we started to dance.I looked around & saw that Natalya was dancing with Melanie,& Reina was dancing with Eddie.All of a sudden there was a loud banging at the door."Sssh!"someone hissed."Turn the music down!"someone else yelled.The music went down,but the loud banging continued.'Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!'.My heart fluttered i was scared,Everyone crowded around."I'll open it."Eddie's brother whispered.He walked up to the door,& opened it.There was blood all over the ground,People began to gasp & some yelled."What the fuck?"He said.A Woman covered in blood ran over to Eddies Brother & threw him down,she was ontop of him.She was biting her neck."TOMMYY,NOO!"Eddie yelled.He ran over to them with a bat,& swung the bat at her."GET OFF BITCH!"Eddie screamed."Eddie!Nooo!"Reina yelled."Someone Call the Cops,Shit,Hurry!"I yelled.I checked my pockets & i couldnt find my phone.I saw it by the large window,it was ringing.I ran to it & as i grabbed it i saw a large black truck outside,& saw people running,i saw men come out the truck & began to shoot people."AAAAAHHHH!"I screamed."Bianca!!"Melanie Yelled.She ran over to me,& tugged on my wrist."C'mon Lets-"she said."Oh my God!"she yelled."Bianca,Lets Go,Get your stuff,we have to get outta here!"she yelled.We ran to our room,& there were the girls,except for Reina.We went to our closets & grabbed our bags & all of our belongings & threw it inside."C'mon lets go!"Natalya Yelled.I threw my clothes,my phone charger,my flat iron & my curling iron and three pairs of my shoes."Are you guys ready?"Crystal asked."Yeah,lets go!"i said.We all ran out with our bags,we saw Reina Crying tugging Eddie off from the lady."Reina!Lets Go!"Crystal yelled."No!Eddie!!"She yelled.I ran to her & Pulled her off,the lady got up & jumped ontop of Eddie,"NOOOOOO!!!EDDIEEE!"Reina Screamed.She Got The Bat,& Hit her in the head & stomped on her head.A small black box fell out of Eddie's Pocket.Reina Kept crying,i reached down & grabbed it,I ran to Reina,& held her,"Reina,Listen to me,we have to go,Now!"I yelled.She kept sobbing,i grabbed the luggage of her stuff & gave it to her.I went quickly in the bathroom & grabbed the essential things we'd need to be clean.I saw my keys on the the floor & grabbed pairs of headphones,"C'mon you guys lets go!"i yelled.

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