This isnt the end,its just the beginning...

4 Girls;Reina,Crystal,Natalya,Melanie;Host A Going Away Party For Their Friend,Bianca.But When a Outbreak Of An Infection Happens,& Everyone Around Them Falls ILL,& Dies,Its A Game Of Survival,Game Of Trust,Game Of Love,Game Of How To Not Become Infected,And Myabe Learning That New Friends May Be More Trustworthy & Loyal Than Old friends,A game Of Knowing That no One Is there to catch you when you fall.


3. Good Deeds...

~Crystal P.o.v~

I felt bad for Reina & Bianca,Bianca Was supposed to leave & have a great opportunity,i'm not really sure what was going on,but i know it wasnt good,& that it would delay Bianca's career.And Reina too,poor Reina oh my god,Imagine what its like to have someone you know for the longest torn away from you the way it happened to Eddie & his younger brother,Tommy,& he was going to purpose to Reina.Since last year,Reina's mom left her,after everything Reina was doing,Reina's mom couldnt handle her anymore,Reina was out of control,she didn't listen she did drugs she partied when Her & Eddie broke up.She was loose,she was everywhere she wasn't treating herself right,& assholes took notice of that,& Reina's mom,she left her,& When we confronted Reina about the way she was behaving,she broke down,& we talked Eddie,& asked him if they could work things out,& he agreed,& they became bettet than ever,esspecially Reina,Eddie lifted her up,& healed her,so losing Eddie can throw her back at rock bottom,& since Reina's mom is gone,he asked all of us for her hand in marriage,& we quickly said yes.We began walking,down the dark alley,it was quiet we only heard our footsteps as it hit the cement.Bianca was in the lead,Melanie was in the second,i was the thrid,Natayla was behind me,& Reina was in the back.All of a sudden someone growled & went sprinting to Bianca,& tackled her to the ground.Bianca began to scream,we didnt have any weapons,she hit him & we did too,then Reina had a pair of scissors in her hands & ran to the "thing" ontop of Bianca & began to stab it."AAAAAHHH!"yelled Bianca.The thing fell & laid flat probably dead,I ran to Bianca who was now covered in blood,gave her my hand & helped her up from the ground.She stood up & began to panic,"Bianca relax!Okay?Your gunna attract more of those things!"Natalya said."We have to find a car now!"Melanie said."We gotta get moving now,ok?How are we supposed to know if those zombies are closing in on us?"Reina said.We all looked at Reina,"What did you call it?"I asked."They are zombies,Ok?Its a fucking Walking Dead,Dawn of the Dead,Fucking flesh eating motherfucker!Its a zombie!Why did it jump on you?Cause those fucking Abnormal shits wants you!"She yelled."Don't Raise your voice!"Natalya hissed.Reina shot a look at her."But if they are zombies it turned Tommy,& Edd-"I said."I know,alright?We all know what happened,ok?Can we not keep repeating it every fucking five goddamn seconds!"Reina said,cutting me off."I'm sorry,ok?You know i don't mean to do that intentionally."i apologized."I know,you don't,I know.Can we just put it to rest?"She asked sharply.I nodded my head,"C'mon,we have to go now."Melanie said."Ok,lets go."I agreed.We quickly walked,we walked into a group of 6 girls."S-s-sorry."Bianca stuttered."Are you bit?"One asked."No.They jumped on me outta nowhere & they killed them."she said."Doesn't sound unfamiliar."Another said."Where are you guys headed?"one asked."We don't know,exactly,just looking for somewhere safe to go."I said."We have a RV,we can help you,here in the city isn't good."One said."How are we supposed to know you guys won't turn on us,like eat us alive,I seen the walking dead,ok?I know some crazy ass people who'd do that shit!"Natalya said."We aren't cannibals,if thats what your trying to say."she said."If the city isnt no good,why are you here?"I asked."Looking for people in need."she replied."I'm Carmen,This is Ashley,Royal,Casper,Sammie,& Charisma."she said introducing themselves."Bianca,Reina,Natalya,Crystal & Melanie."Bianca said."Okay,Lets go."she said.We walked over to her large RV.We stepped inside & there was alotta space for all of us to fit,its good to know theres good people with good deeds."Want water,food,snacks?"Ashley asked."Sure,Thanks."I said."You wanna wash yourself off,Bianca?This RV is so large,that theres a shower,as well,but the bathroom isnt too big,but fuck it at least we got a bathroom,& shower."Carmen asked."Okay,I have clothes of my own."Bianca said.Bianca went to go shower,& we chatted with the girls,things seemed good so far.

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