A little series of dates and run-ins between a very obsessed Hermione and a confused Draco. My first fanfiction!


3. Easter

Sorry it's taken me sooooooooo long to update guys but I was kind of pulled into school work. I'll post the odd chapter about every 2 months but dont have an idea for an original plot. Feel free to post ideas for this story in the comments, and I'll try to include them e.g. Draco reading Hermione's diary... I getting ideas already!



Sighing, Hermione remembered her and Draco's date yesterday...

It had been the Saturday before easter. They had gone up to wizarding London so Hermione could buy chocolate for her friends (the London branch of Honeydukes made personalized lifesize 3D chocolate bunnies. For a few extra sickles you could have them say a message before vomiting up chocotate frogs.).

At lunchtime they had gone for a meal in one of Draco's favourite resteraunts and he had had impeccable manners: pulling out her chair for her; complimenting her dress; paying for her grilled chicken salad and mango and strawberry sorbet. He had even given her a present after they had finished their lunch and were sitting, waiting for the bill. Nestled in a black velvet box, a gold and emerald otter pendant sparkled on a shining chain.Thin strips of gold were fixed together with a strong seamless joining charm and studed with tiny emeralds to create an otter the size of her thumbnail which looked like it was made by fairies out of gold mesh. Bright eyes shining with happy tears, she had launched herself at him, from the other side of the table, for a hug. Unfortunately, he hadn't expected such an emotional response so had overbalanced and fallen off his chair, Hermione with him. This had left them in quite an embarassing position. Blushing, Hermione had seen that she was sitting on him, her hand clutching his shoulder. She'd got up quickly and helped him up, asking him if he was OK. Surprisingly, Draco was bright pink too. They had travelled home on a muggle train after that, their legs brushing.

At the common room door she had thanked him for the day out while butterflies ran riot in her stomach. Nervously, she had reached up and kissed him. They had broken apart half a minute later because of the irritating girly giggling in the background. When they'd turned their heads, they'd seen the fat lady, giggling like a 7 year old. "Finally!" She'd said. Draco had thought the same.


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