The Life Of Miss Amelia Holmes: Hunter Trials

Second book in the series.

It's been seven.months since the locket incident yet Mia can't quite confirm that this business with moriarty is over
When her parents adopt someone new could Mia's life be over forever


2. Awakened.

I was awoke by the piercing sound of arguing emerging from the floor below me. I sprung out of bed, running down stairs cautiously, carelessly checking the time. 4 am. I was too an early riser, but this was ridiculous. I swung open the door, waiting to see Mycroft and Sherlock about to kill each other, but what I saw was much worse. 

" John! I thought we were friends?" Shouted Sherlock, bitterly. I stood at the door, quietly watching.

"We are, but Im sick of cleaning up your mess!" John, retorted. I'd never seen them like this. They were the best of friends since they met, this wasn't right. They both turned to see me, angry yet apologetic expressions upon there faces. I closed the door, not saying a word, and ran upstairs hoping what I saw was just a dream.

Unfortunately, what I had seem was well and truly the real as when I had walked downstairs, John was already gone, not trace of him. I sat in the conservatory, looking out onto the gardens. I sighed heavily. If only my family was normal...If only Sherlock was normal. I heard the sound of footsteps edge behind me. I turned to see Mycroft, his newspaper held within his hands.

I looked up at him, smiling slightly. He and I both knew what had happened with Sherlock and John. But what did he mean, cleaning up your mess? Oh well. Sherlock and him would soon be friends again, that was a guarantee. I decided that I should probably go and get ready for work but procrastination got the better of me.

About an hour later, I had managed to drag myself upstairs and was finally in a car with Iron. He had been out for most the morning, on some sort of writing course, but now he was back to help me on my cases. I knew Sherlock would already be there. I had cases with him every 2 days so I could talk to him properly then. I had surely missed these late morning cab rides.

I stepped out onto the pavement and strolled up the steep concrete steps. I pushed the doors open with force and chucked my bags behind the front desk, meeting Lestrade in Lab A. I sat at my desk, skimming through my emails and sipping at my lemonade.

There was nothing remotely interesting to read that day, nothing at all. I decided that this was the reason that I would use when I turned up in Sherlock's office about 3 hours early. I knew the building like my own house, maybe even better than my own house. It was quite a large building but I knew the hallways. I knocked on Sherlock's door,before walking in and sitting opposite him.

" Hey Mia. Why are you here so early?" He asked, putting down his paper, paying full attention. I smiled at him slightly.As if he didn't know. 

"I need to ask you what happened with John...You never fight." I said, crossing one leg over the other. He sighed deeply.

" Mia...While I was gone...I had a big case and it got me into a spot of trouble. I was too cowardly to own up to my mistakes so, I left him to clear everything up. I ran away" He continued. It made sense but why would they fall out big-time over that? "Then he ran into the culprit and It wasn't pretty..." I seemed to remember John looking in pain but thought nothing of it. I nodded, not really quite sure what to say.

"So when is he coming back?" I asked, taking a pen apart in sheer boredom. He shook his head whilst shrugging. He didn't know, I was determined he would find out though because he would come back. I was sure...I hoped. Our thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door, informing us that we were needed. 

I tried to concentrate on the DNA sample that lay before me, which again were really nothing special but some how the John-Sherlock dilemma was still there, in the back of my mind. John surely wouldn't leave forever...right? Iron had spent the best part of the morning, collecting coffee's for the head of departments, this was expected as he'd only just been hired but he finally made an appearance during lunch break.

" Iron...Can you help me with something?" I asked, he nodded "I need you to find john...find out where he is" 

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