My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.


11. Why?

We've been trying our hardest to keep papa away from us. Mum hasn't paid any attention to us either. I went back to school with yelling. "Hahaha! The sluts are back!" They yelled. "Why do they even come back?" I thought why did I come back. I sighed and finished my day at school. Once I got home me and Cynthia ran up to our room. I looked out the window with boredom. Harry stared looking at me, I looked back at him. Sorry he mouthed. I turned around and my back slid down the wall. "Have you talked to......" I said. She nodded no. "Have you talked to.........?" I nodded no. "He keeps looking at me." She nods. "Nicole!!!" Papa yells. "Yea?!?!" I yell back. "Harold is coming upstairs!!!!" I look at Cynthia and mouth 'fuck!' She giggles. Harry comes up and hugs me. "Sorry." He whispers. "For what?" He releases his grip. "I know what happened." I try to look away. "I have a plan, come with me." "No." He holds my chin and makes me look at him. "Lets go," I nod no. "your gonna get kicked out anyways!" My eyes start to form tears. "No!" I yelled and papa comes to our room. "Harry it's time for you to leave." He turns around and walks out. Papa looked at both of us. "Your mother told me y'all are pregnant!" He yelled and we stood by eachother. "Pack your stuff and get out of my house." He said bad left our room. Mum came up and looked at us. "I'm sorry." I got a bag and through stuff into it. "THEN WHY DID YOU TELL HIM?!?!?!?!" I yelled. Me and Cyn walked out. We sighed and walked next door. "H-Harry?" I said knocking on the door. After about six minutes the door opened. "Hey." He said. "Can we come in?" I asked and he nodded. We walked in and sat on the couch. "Can we stay with you?" He looked away. "Please we have no where to stay!" I yelled. Soon he nodded. He put us in his car and we went somewhere. "We're here." He said and sighed. "We got out of the car and someone came out and grabbed our stuff. We walked inside and all the attention was on us. "Nick?" Someone said and I turned around and saw Louis. I hugged him tight. "Why are you here?" I looked at Harry. "One of them is staying with you." I looked at Cynthia. "WHAT!" We yelled. "Yep. Y'all pick who is staying with who, y'all will see each other almost everyday." He said and tears formed. "You stay with Harry." Cyn whispered. I looked at her. "Fine!" I yelled and ran outside. I got in the car and balled. Me and Harry rode home. "You know you can sit in the front." He said looking back at me. I nodded no. "Come on! Why are you crying I'll take good care of you!" He yelled at me. "I am your child's father."
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