My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.


10. Telling the fam

  I sat on the bathroom floor crying. I got a call from Cynthia. I answered. "Where are you?!?!?" She yelled. "W-why are you crying?" I had a bump in my throat. "Come pick me up at The Doglins Apartments room 4." She was quiet. "Want me to bring mum?" She suggested. "No. It's just you." "Ok ill be there as quick as I can." I sighed. "Thanks Cyn your the best." I said happily but scared.

  It was 20 minutes later but Cynthia finally got here. She hugged me instantly. "Nicki! What the fuck?!?!?!" She yelled. "Why are you sobbing your head off? Your in a apartment! You're safe!" She continued. "Nicki, lets go home." I nodded no. "Listen to me!" I yelled and she finally shut up. "I.....I......I'm......" I tried to say. "Pregnant?" She asked. I nodded. "I get it, you know why?" I nodded no. "I'm pregnant too and it's Wendal's." I looked at her.

    We drove home to silence. "Who's is it?" She asked. I looked at her. "I don't know." I said scared. "Lets tell mum and papa together." She suggested. "I'm scared!" I yelled. "I am too!" We finally reached home and mum ran out and hugged me tight.

    "Nicole!" She yelled. "Where have you been?" She continued through the window I saw papa. He frowned. "Girls, what's going on?" She asked and we looked at eachother. "Mum can we talk to you only you?" I asked and she nodded worriedly. "Yes to your room?" Cynthia nodded. We walked to the room scared to tell. 

    "Girls?" Mum said sitting down on my computer chair. "Um we're pregnant." I said. I can trust mum. Her mouth flew open. "Girls!" She yelled. "Mum! Don't tell papa!" We begged. She nodded "get out when he finds out." She said bad left the room. Me and Cyn looked at each other. I frowned. Through the window I saw Harry.

   He held up a paper saying, 'come over' I nodded no. 'Why' the next note said. I left the window. I can't talk to him until I know. I can't resist him! His curls, the orbs, his face! Oh that face. When he smirks! When he smiles! When he laughs! When he talks!



New chap! LOVE YOU ALL! <3 U! #LoveYou4Eva

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