My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.


15. Louise Georgia Styles, you little pain

     I woke up EARLY it was dark outside. My stomach HURT SO BAD. "Harry!" I yelled and he looked at me. He sat up and put his arm around me. "I can't do this!" I yelled. "Yes you can, yes you can, your strong." I looked at him. "No I'm not!" I yelled. He put his hand on my stomach. "Louie! Louie!" He said to my stomach. "Harry, your not helping." I said and he put his hand on my forehead. "I love you."

     Me and Harry sat together. "Keep talking to her Harry, it's helping." I said and he smiles. "Louise, did you know you are named after your uncle Louis?" I smiled. "He picked the name too." I said and he kissed my lips.  It's like the baby is really fond of Harry. I can tell I'm going to be having a daddy's girl. "You fall asleep, I'll keep talking." I smile. I kiss his lips. "Thank you."

    I dreamed about the baby being born and not being healthy. I woke up to Harry laying beside me asleep. I felt my belly it was calm. But I felt the baby move. I looked at Harry sleeping cutely. I smile. His eyes open. I close mine. "Hey, Nicki." I open my eyes. "Yes?" He smiles. "We made a deal I can't tell you." He said and I smiled. "Oh really?" I looked at my tummy. "Another thing Harry, we don't have any baby stuff!"

    He laughed and I got up. I got dressed and did everything else. I sat on the couch about to leave and the door opened. In the doorway was mum. I stood up. "H-Harry!" I yelled and he ran to me. He looked at the doorway. "Harold!" She yelled. She walked in. "I want to know my grandchild!" She yelled. She touch my stomach and rubbed it. Harry stepped up. "It's ok." He nodded and stepped back. "Her name is Louise Georgia Styles." She jumped up and down. "I get a grand baby girl!!!" She yelled.

     Me and Harry left the house and headed to baby stores. We came out with a crib, baby clothes, blankets, sheets, toys. We laughed and went back home. Through the window I saw pop. He smiled. I acted mad. Harry unloaded the stuff and I made some food. I cooked some grilled cheeses. Harry came in. "Thank you." He kissed my cheek. I sat at the bar and ate. Harry grabbed his stuff. "Gotta go, sorry." He kissed my cheek then walked out the door.

     I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. "Singer Harry Styles has been seen with baby stuff?" I listen. I thought he told Simon he could tell! "Did Harry get someone pregnant?" I turned it to another channel. Any channel but this one. I finally just turned it off. I looked at my stomach. "Louise, we might be on our own a lot." I said and rubbed my tummy. "I'm ready to see you." I said and sighed. "Ready for a nap!" I yelled and walked into the bedroom.

     "Nicki, Nicki I'm home." Harry said. "Hey, I'll check on you in a bit." I sighed and opened my eyes. "Harry, I'm awake." I said and he turned around. He layed down beside me. "How's the baby?" He asks. "Good, hasn't had any problems.......... OW!" I yelled. "Louise! Daddy is here."  My stomach calmed down. "She's a daddy's girl." I said and he smiled.

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