My New Neighbor

I was told I was getting a new neighbor. Just not told when. Not told who either. I don't know if it's a girl or boy. I was only told I was getting a new neighbor. My name is Nicole. Nicki for short. My best friend's name is Cynthia. I also live in England. I'm 16 years old. My parents died in a plane crash. I live with Cynthia.


5. coffee horror.

  Evan broke his nose. I'm going to kill Harry next time I see that bitch. The principle sent me and Cynthia, also Evan, and Hannah, home. He wants me to talk to Harry. I don't give a fuck. I got on my iPhone. Checked my Twitter and Facebook. Nothing. I tested Harry. 'So you think I would cheat on you with one of my best friends?' Sent. Ding do do ding. I checked my phone. 'We were talking and he said he liked u.' 'WTF HARRY. LET ME PUT IT IN WORDS, FUCK YOU. FUCKING LIAR.' I set my phone down. "Stupid relationships." Cynthia looked at me. "What?" "FUCKING HARRY IS SAYING THAT EVAN LIKES ME." "What the fuck? He should be over you." "I know."                I grabbed my phone and went next door.                                                                                                      I knocked on the door.  The door opened. "OH it's you." He smiled in a bitchy way. Like usually. "Yeah I'm here to say fuck you." He looked shocked. "That's it?" I turned around to face him. "What were you expecting?" He shrugged his shoulders. "Sex?" "Hum that would be nice." "HOW BOUT FUCKING TAYLOR SWIFT LIKE I KNOW YOU DID." He looked shocked again. "YOU FUCKER  YOU BROKE EVANS NOSE. YOU DON'T CARE. DO YOU?" I turned around and headed home. "Bye Harry." I heard someone say. I turned around and saw Grace. "SORRY THAT I BOTHERED YOU LOOKS LIKE YOU WERE BUSY." "Look I'm sorry." "Shut up mother fucker." I went inside.                I went into my room. I got a call. No caller  ID. "Ello?" "Ello is this Nicole Grady?" "Yeah?" "Ello my name is Liam Payne." "Okay?" "Harry, you neighbor told me to call you." "TELL HIM I'M GETTING A NEW NUMBER." I hung up. 'Meet me at the coffee shop.' I texted. 'Okay babe.' 'Don't call me babe.' 'Whatever baby.'                                                                                                                                   I arrived at the coffee shop. There was guards and fans. "Nicole Grady?" "Yes." One said and let me in the booth. "Welcome." "First don't call me babe, second defiantly don't call me baby." "What do I call you then?" "Nicki. Or Nicole. Your choice." I sat down. "Excuse me." Through the guards came Harry. I stood up. "Nice seeing you Liam. Good bye." He grabbed my arm. "Let go of me bitch." He let go. "Feisty one you are." "Perv. I saw you looking at my bum." The guards stood together and wouldn't let me out. "Don't let her go." Harry and Liam smiled. Shit.               Harry grabbed me and sat me on his lap. Liam started kissing me. Harry was also kissing me. I couldn't escape. Harry put his tongue in my mouth. I bit it. HARD. He let go. "OUCH." "Thanks. Ello let me through please." He shook his head. "Do you have kids?" He nodded. "Would you want them to get raped?" He shook his head, then let me through.                                                         I heard yelling. Someone pinched my bum. I turned around. "Not so fast." I punched him. Backup came. Someone grabbed me and swung me in a car. "Ello love." It was Liam. "I don't care whatever you do. Don't rape me, I'm too young." "Lets see if that works out." Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck FUCK!!!! He started taking off my shirt. Then my bra. He squeezed my boob. I looked up. "What the fuck?" "I'm telling my Mom and dad. To to protect me." "WHATEVER floors your boat."  He had me half naked and took me in a house. He through me on a bed. He undressed me then him. I was crying. "Zayn!" A guy with black hair came in. Liam left. "Please. Please. No." He took me under a blanket and whispered.  "I'll get you out of here."                                                                 "Thank you." I smiled my face was wet. From tears. "Back door over there. I'll knock. Come outside." "Thank you." "We will get you some new clothes too." I nodded. "Get dressed." He left the room. I got dressed. Someone knocked. I got up and opened the door. He led me to a car. I got in. "London plaza." "Okay Mr. Malik."

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