The Truth

First day of high school, the first chapter of a new story. Lydia heads off to high school with a back pack on her shoulders and meets people who will change her life completely. One of which will turn her world upside down like never before.


2. Perfect and Prejudice



I hope you enjoy this chapter. I promise it will start getting good, you just need to see it from the beginning. I'm going to start giving the chapters titles, soooooo yeah. Love you sexies!

Stay perfect!


Masyn <3 <<<<<<<<<<<<I swear that's become my signature lol 



Walking up to the high school on the first day of school is too nerve wrecking. I feel like every person is judging me as I take large steps and walk into the courtyard. There are tables and chairs scattered around palm trees and then a covered area with couches under it. 

I spot a girl sitting alone at a table, and instead of sitting alone, I decide to walk up to her.

"Hey! Can I sit here?" I try to sound happy and nice. She looks up from her phone and gives me a smile.

"Sure." She says. Relief spreads over me as I sit down, glad that she didn't say no.

Soon two boys and two girls make their way over. One girl has blonde hair and carries a lunch box, and the two boys both carry binders in their arms. 

"Hey, Requanda." The blonde girl says to the girl I had talked to, so I'm assuming the girl's name is Requanda. 

"Skylar!" She cheers and greets her with a hug. So that's Skylar.

The two boys sit down next to me and talk quietly.

"I'm Lydia." I speak up and Skylar looks at me with a smile.

"Hey! I'm Skylar." She says. She seems pretty cool. The guys look at me and smile. 

"I'm Caleb, and that mess is Jordan." He laughs. He runs a hand through his blonde hair and laughs at the boy named Jordan. 

"I'm Emily." The one who seems quiet speaks up. She carries a pink binder in her arms and gives me a sweet smile. I smile in response and we all start to talk. 



Skylar and I are laughing when I notice Patrick walking in. The blonde in his hair gives away that he is here. A black backpack rests on his back as he walks in. Behind him two blonde boys walk in. They both wear shorter shorts and t-shirts. Jordan and Caleb start to laugh together and then I realize they're laughing at the two boys. 

"They look like lifeguards!" I tell Skylar.

"More like those Europeans that wear short shorts." Jordan adds and we all start to crack up.

"European life guard dudes!" Skylar says and we all laugh even harder. 

"Cute ones, too." I add and Skylar nods in agreement. 

I look at my phone and notice a text from my friend Anthony. 

I'm walking out of the dorms. Don't go in without my hug! 

I put my phone away. So I need to explain Anthony. Anthony is a guy in his twenties who I met when he hung out with my sister. He fell for her big time and she didn't want to date him because she only thought of him as a friend and he was too old for her. I got attached to him, but my sister was trying to push him away. He ended our friendship a few times and then came back and said he was sorry and I fell for it, thinking he was serious. But now I'm sick of it. He breaks me over and over again, and I'm done with it. The problem is the forgetting part. A quote on my wall says 'Sometimes you miss the memories, not the person.' I know that it's true that I'd just miss the moments. Our relationship is hanging by a thread, and I'm the person holding the scissors to cut it and break it forever. 

You see, I get attached to things quickly and even when I know they're unhealthy relationships I find it difficult to let go of it. It's a problem that I'm horrible at solving. 



You have officially walked into my life. I hope you enjoy the book! I'm excited to share my good memories with you! 


I love you guys a lot. 


Stay perfect!


Masyn <3 <<<<<<<<<<<That heart tho...;)


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