Forgive me

Michelle Lucas, 17 y/o has just moved to London from Sweden. Away from Sweden, away from the bad memories from Her childhood. She's Been hurted bu Her father. Duringher childhood she had Her best Friend, Niall Horan, who's Been supporting Her thrue everything. When Mich went 15 Niall joined a band, One Direction, and since then They haven't met, or even just texted. What Mich doesn't know is that Niall is living in the same building as Her new flat. But Mich is very dissappointed at Niall that he just leaved Her when Her dad was like worst.....-


2. chapter one -The big entry

Mich's POV

As I walked through the Heathrow AirPort with My bag in one hand and a latte from starbucks in the other I saw those beautiful, deep blue, familiar eyes in the crowd. I looked up but the person was gone. I had that feeling that I've looked in to those eyes a several Times' before.

I decided to forget it and walked out of the airport. I grabbed a car and got in to it. "27th Oxford Street." I Said to the driver.

The flat was amazing. Huge, beautiful, fresh and so on. IT had all I asked for. IT was perfect. I sat down in the gray sofa as it knocked on the door. When I smashed up the door, the person outside got a knock in the face. "Oh My god! I'm so sorry!" I Said and looked up. There stood a blonde guy with those beautiful eyes. It was Niall Horan, My ex-bestfriend. "M-Mich? Michelle?" Niall said. "Niall?" I said, and smashed the door in his face. I changed to pj's and got in to My huge, very comfortable bed. "Holy shit..." I said to My self. Niall, the Guy who always been there for me. The guy WHO was My "bestie". Or, he was "titled" that. In fact I've always been inlove with Niall, since the Day we met. In 2nd grade.

Next day

I woke up and got dressed. I slowly walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge - empty. "Shit." I said to My self and got out of the flat and knocked at the door right over the hall. In the last second I thaughted, "What if Niall lives here?! Smartass!" I tried to escape but then the door opened by a sweet guy with Brown hair. "Hi, i'm Liam." He was kinda cute, but I liked blondies, like Niall. I punched My self and mumbled "Don't think at him!" To My self.

"Uhm... Excuse me?" The Liam-guy said. "Oh, yeah! Sorry. I'm Mich! I lives in the flat right over there." I said and pointed at the door right over the hallway. "I was going to ask if I could "borrow" some food. I moved in yesterday night and I kinda have no food...." I said and blushed. "Oh! Yeah, sure! You can eat breakfast in here with me and My lads if you want to!" Liam said. "Oh, thank you!" I said. Liam showed me in and we came to the kitchen. "Lads, this is... Mich?" I nodded. "Mich, this is Louis, Harry, Zayn and...." When he said his name I flippad out. "-....Niall." Liam finished. I ran out of the flat with tears streaming down my face. In to My flat and on the bed. Someone knocked the door. "MICH! Michelle!" A dark, raspy voice yelled. Niall's voice.

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