Running Scared - In Search of Truth Pt1

My NaNoWriMo Entry for 2013.

Sinead and Tom are two like minded spirits who find that love is hard to share. They must overcome the everyday problems they have to find if Pokemon actually survive. From grimy Stockby, their search takes them to Malaysia and the truth, but can they handle the truth and will they be together at the end?

Please note that is not a novel about Pokemon.

Inspired by a conversation around a campfire.

Dedicated to the real Sinead. #iLECT


16. Welcome to the Hotel California

I drove along the bypass not quite sure where I was heading. It was getting late at night and I didn’t want to go too far from Stockby. At the end of the bypass was a Travel Tavern. One of these places that was totally impersonal. I pulled off into the car park and found a place towards the back. It looked full and I hoped they’d still have a room. These places are a lot cheaper when you pay in advance, they really sting you just turning up.


I left Sinead in the car before going in. The usual pimple faced youth was manning the front desk with very little enthusiasm. However tonight I didn’t really want any real service. With Sinead in the state she was in, a little less attention suited me fine. Trying to explain all the blood and Sineads state would have been really hard. Luckily they had a double room left. I paid for it, sticking it once again on the card. Hopefully I’d have a few cheques coming in soon for sites I’d designed. I filled in the card, debating to put Mr and Mrs, but eventually filling in our names as they were. The youth looked at the card and handed me the key. I went back to the car and got Sinead out. She was still pale but the sobbing and rocking had stopped. I grabbed the stuff from the boot and walked with Sinead through the dark car park towards the entrance. I hadn’t quite realised the state Sinead’s clothes were in. I muttered a silent thanks to god as I saw the youth wasn’t at his desk. We quickly went through the doors and were soon outside the room. I breathed a sigh of relief as I shut the door behind us. Here we were safe, no one knew where we were. Sure they could check with the Tavern, but I doubt the youth would answer the phone anyway. Tomorrow I could find us somewhere to go. I think I’d decided that I wasn’t going back to the house, at least not yet.


Travel Tavern rooms are all the same. The fittings are all designed to give you no idea of the city or even country that you’re currently in. I know you get huge discounts for buying in bulk, but this was ridiculous. I switched on the bed lights, shut the curtains and absurdly turned on the TV. The comforting sounds of the late night news programme filled the air. Sinead was stood in the room looking at the screen. It was then I realised that shock had set in. She was shaking. I touched her arm, it felt like ice. I had to break this pattern somehow. I knew I had to remove her from the raccoon. She still hugged it across her chest. The blood was now dried and caked all over her T-shirt and jeans, it was smudged all over her hands, arms, face and hair. She looked like a frightened child whose whole life had been whipped from her.


I approached her. For the first time she looked up at me. Her eyes were empty, the normal brightness that was usually there had disappeared and left dull greeny brown pools.


‘Let me have Rocky, darling’ I whispered to her holding my hands out. She shook her head like a truculent child and grasped it closer to her bosom.


‘Come on love , let me have it, we need to clean you up’. She held it close and gave me a challenging look, that said, you’ll only get this by wrenching it from my cold dead hands. What could I do?

‘OK, keep it for a while’ I said evenly, ‘you need a shower’


She shook her head like a baby.


‘Ok, lets get you in the bath’ I said leaving her and going to the bathroom. I pulled the shower curtain back on the bath and leant down to secure the plug in the hole. Turning the taps on, I got drenched with water falling from above.These taps were all the same, baths not really big enough for bathing so people just used the shower. Sinead however was in no state to go in the shower. I quickly changed the setting and soon water was crashing into the white porcelain. There was no bath stuff around, typical cheap skate hotel. If Sinead had packed no doubt there would be some sort of toiletries. I’d only brought the bare essentials.


I left the bath running whilst I fetched Sinead from the bedroom. She hadn’t moved at all.


‘Come on love, you need to get in the bath or you’ll freeze. I’ll leave you to get undressed and in the bath. I turned to leave and felt a hand on my arm. The first sign of human contact that I’d had with Sinead in the past few hours. I turned and saw that the tears were beginning to form in those beautiful eyes. I felt like crying myself. Sinead was my world, she was my rock, my anchor, my muse. Without her I was as incomplete as salt and pepper or pie and hendo’s. It pained me to see her like this. The vile person who had done this to her needed a lesson taught them.


‘Come on then love, do you want me to help you?’ I asked


She nodded her head slightly.


‘Let me have Rocky then, otherwise he’ll get wet’. She looked down at the blood caked piece of fur and hesitated


‘It’s OK, we’ll get it clean as well’


I could see that she was really in two minds. I reached out and gently took it out of her hands. She let it go but held her hands out as if expecting it back. I placed it on the wash basin. I’d try to wash it later. I then gently removed her t-shirt. It was like undressing a child. She didn’t stop me but she didn’t help much either. She stood there. I eased her jeans down and she stepped out of them. I hesitated again waiting for her to continue. However she was still in daze. Putting my arms around her I undid her bra and eased it off her shoulders. The white of the straps in stark contrast to the blood stained cups. I knelt down in front of her and eased her pants down and she stepped out of them. Weirdly this was the first time I’d undressed her and not felt anything remotely sexual. I reached over and tested the water. It might be slightly hot but that would be Ok. She allowed me to lead her to the bath side and even stepped in herself. She sat down lay back. Tears still in her eyes she wouldn’t let go of my hands.

Some of the blood was already starting to come off tinging the clear water with a hint of pink. There was still a lot more to come off her. I looked around. There was no sponge or anything. I stood up and made to go out of the door. Sinead wouldn’t let go of my hand. It was almost as if now she’d stopped hugging the raccoon.

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