Running Scared - In Search of Truth Pt1

My NaNoWriMo Entry for 2013.

Sinead and Tom are two like minded spirits who find that love is hard to share. They must overcome the everyday problems they have to find if Pokemon actually survive. From grimy Stockby, their search takes them to Malaysia and the truth, but can they handle the truth and will they be together at the end?

Please note that is not a novel about Pokemon.

Inspired by a conversation around a campfire.

Dedicated to the real Sinead. #iLECT


19. Things Can Only Get Better ? - Sinead's Point of View

We lay back in the bed. It was early in the morning and we were drinking warm champagne out of plastic mugs. Not the most elegant way of drinking it. Tom had found the bottle in one of the bags. We both glowed from the effect of the alcohol and our recent exertions. The tears had stopped a while back but I still was getting these terrible flashbacks. When they hit my consciousness I’d start to blub. It was a really weird sensation, one minute ecstasy, the next desperation.


I lay back into Tom’s chest sipping away at the champagne looking at the ring on my finger. I’d panicked a few minutes ago that I’d lost it, but Tom had taken it off me last night and it was in the bathroom. Now reunited with it I never wanted to take it off again.


We talked quietly about things, anything but what had happened last night. We skirted around the edges.


‘You Ok’ he said


‘Yes’, I replied automatically.


‘Honestly?’ he squeezed me. I bit my lip, then shook my head


‘I’ll be Ok,’ I said, ‘thanks for being there, thanks for everything. I love you, I might not say it often but I think it every minute of the day. Without you I couldn’t cope with all this. I am honestly so happy.’


I saw tears returning to his eyes, the smile on his face as wide as the entrance to Peak Cavern. Oh dear now he was getting emotional. We sat in silence for a few minutes, both avoiding the obvious subject.


‘Who do you think did it?’ I tentatively asked bringing the elephant firmly into the room. I could feel him shake his head.


‘I really don’t know. I still haven’t worked out if it was aimed at you or whether they’re trying to get at me through you’ he said after a pause.


I’d thought the same. I hadn’t made any enemies that I was aware of. Even though I’d been bullied at school I hadn’t had much contact with anyone since. I’d had a row with my parents, but that seemed to have simmered, besides your own parents wouldn’t do that to you. My sister had told me they were beginning to accept the situation, so who could be after us.


We lay thinking of it for a while. Slowly tiredness hit. I heard Tom quietly snoring. I placed my beaker on the bedside table, turned off the light before covering us up. Snuggling into him again I let sleep wash over me.


The problem with Travel Taverns is that in the week, they’re full of business men who are leaving really early.  It was the slamming of the door that woke me from my sleep that morning. I reached across trying to make contact with Tom before opening my eyes, hoping to get back into sleep. My dreams hadn’t been bad, lots of ecchi feeling and thoughts but no night terrors. When I reached the other side of the bed I realised that he wasn’t there. I panicked and shot up. He was however sat at his laptop again. He didn’t seem to need as much sleep as I did. I often wondered why at home, he didn’t go downstairs to work when I was asleep. He said it was because he enjoyed looking up at me when I asleep. He said the nicest things.


‘Morning’ he said looking up from his screen.


I wavd the little wave at him and lay back down covering myself up. I thought about the day. It was Friday. I guess I wasn't going to college today. I needed to text them , otherwise they’d be stopping my allowance. I heard Tom move and go to the bathroom. Hearing the toilet seat go up, I surmised he was just going for a pee. I needed to go as well. Oh why did his mind work at the same wavelength as mine. I heard the flush go and realised I couldn’t wait any longer. I headed for the bathroom. Tom was washing his hands as I put the seat down and sat.


‘Get much done’ I asked. He glanced at me as he wiped his hands on the towel.


‘Yes, thanks.’ We had the cutest conversations at times. I glanced at him stood naked in front of me.


‘You look happy to see me’ I said as seductively as I could whilst sitting on the toilet. He glance down his body and smiled.


‘Sinead, you’re encourageable’ he said laughing. He threw the towel at me and retreated to the bedroom. I laughed and reached for the toliet roll. Flushing the toilet I turned on the shower.


After a  quick shower I felt refreshed once again. I glanced across at Rocky’s skin and shivered. He’d never be the same again, but it was nice and typical of Tom that he’d try to keep it for me. I came back into the room with a towel wrapped around my body. I kissed Tom on his head and pulled another towel off the side to dry my wet locks.


‘Oh, have you finished’ he said disappointedly. Head in work, he’d forgotten me.


Smiling at him I continued to dry my hair.


‘Are we going for some breakfast?’ I asked, ‘I’m starving’.


He looked up and nodded. I went in search of clothing to put on.


‘Is this all you brought?’ I asked looking in the bag


‘Yes, I’ll go back today and get some more’


I shuddered at the thought of going back into the house, suddenly feeling cold all over. Typical I thought, he’d brought only enough for me to wear. An old t-shirt and jeans, underwear that had seen better days. At last he’d brought some toiletries, meagre as they were. I slipped my pants on and then let go of the towel. I slipped the bra straps over my shoulders guiding it over my breasts. Fastening it behind me, I rearranged the cups. It felt tight. Ah well, it was an old bra. I’d get Tom to pick up some more for me.


Tom was dressed by the time I’d pulled on my T-shirt, men have a lot less to do. He was wearing the same clothes as yesterday. He shrugged as I pointed to his shirt. I then remembered what he used to bathe me last night. It was packed away with my stained clothes. I’d have to throw them I thought, god knows where I was going to afford new ones from. Tom was always good to me, but I didn’t like the idea of always asking him for money. I’d have to get a part time job.


‘Where are we staying tonight?’ I asked him as we picked up the bags and exited the room.


‘Not sure, I’m not going back home just yet, we’ll find somewhere else to stay. These places give me the creeps’

As we entered reception I noticed a Policeman stood talking to the receptionist.

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