Running Scared - In Search of Truth Pt1

My NaNoWriMo Entry for 2013.

Sinead and Tom are two like minded spirits who find that love is hard to share. They must overcome the everyday problems they have to find if Pokemon actually survive. From grimy Stockby, their search takes them to Malaysia and the truth, but can they handle the truth and will they be together at the end?

Please note that is not a novel about Pokemon.

Inspired by a conversation around a campfire.

Dedicated to the real Sinead. #iLECT


13. Rocky

Sinead stuttered, all life leaving her body. I caught her as she fell towards to ground in a dead faint. I cradled her in my arms as I looked at the mess. The paint was still wet and was still dripping. Whoever had done this had only just done it. I looked around anxiously. Were they watching us now, were they hiding somewhere in the bushes? It was freaking me out, never mind Sinead.


I felt Sinead stir in my arms as she came around. Her eyes slowly opened as she struggles to take in where she was. There was a look of bewilderment as to why we were on the ground outside the house. I saw her quickly trying to take in the surroundings rapidly moving her eyes until she spied the words on the door again. I felt her shake, in my arms, as she took in the vile red letters.


‘What……what…..why…’ she stammered unable to form words.


‘Shush,’ I said quietly stroking her hair gently. Her eyes were wide open now just staring at the letters, the words burning a hole in her eyeballs.




I have to admit that I wasn’t sure which maniac had scrawled these evil words on the door. And why only aim it at Sinead? Who had she got as an enemy?


I guided Sinead away from the door and back to the car. Making sure she was safe and sound in the car, I went to the door. Gingerly I placed the key in the door and opened it. Switching the light on I went in. Everything seemed to be OK in the hall. I quickly went through all the rooms switching the light ons and checking. After checking the last one, I sighed thinking that the door could be cleaned, at least the house was OK.


Then I heard the worst sound, I’d ever heard. Sinead was screaming at the top of her voice and it was a cry of terror. I rushed down the stairs jumping three at a time, nearly falling in my haste to get to Sinead. I burst through the door into the garden and headed towards the car. I quickly noticed that Sinead was no longer in the car but stood in front of the garage.


By now the neighbours on both sides were twitching their curtains to see what was happening. Sinead was in hysterics now. I quickly made the distance up to Sinead and grabbed hold of her.She fought back, resisting my hold. Her screaming got worse. She thought I was attacking her. I wondered what to do, how to quieten her, how to comfort her. I contemplated doing the smack across the mouth technique that I’d seen on the movies but thought it might be a bit drastic. Thinking back to her with the knife earlier made me decide that may not be wise.


I then noticed what she was yelling at. On the floor in front of us was a mound of fur. Red liquid seeped out of the heap. There was no movement at all from it. Sinead seemed to realise that it was me who was holding her and instead of fighting me was now holding on to me for dear life. Her screams died down and turned to huge gulping sobs. I held her tight, making sure her back was towards the pile.


I squeezed her as tight as I could trying to make her feel human comfort, trying to get her back into our world. Gradually she seemed to respond. All the time I was looking over her shoulder at what it was in front of the garage, My initial thought it was an run over animal, but it was too near the garage for it to have happened there. If it had then the car would have hit the garage door, and there was no sign that that had happened.


‘Anything t’matter’ A booming voice came from behind me. I literally jumped at the sound. I whipped round still holding Sinead. In the dingy light I saw the figure of a man walking towards us down the drive. I stood forward to put myself between Sinead and him.


‘Can I help thee’ he said advancing towards me.


I then realised it was my neighbour and not the psychopath who had committed this vile act. A few steps behind him was his wife. I remembered that when I was a kid I played with their daughter in the garden. She’d been my first girlfriend at eleven years old. They’d known my mum and dad well, always inviting each other to family parties.


I indicated the door and he stood and looked at it, hands in his pockets. He shook his head.


‘Eh, look at that Ethel, what sort of maniac’d do that to someone?’ he said turning to the diminutive figure stood behind him.


‘ Is your erm, girlfriend OK’ he questioned, his hands still firmly in his pockets, so he had to gesticulate by stabbing his head in Sinead’s direction.


‘She’s my fiancee,’ I felt I had to tell them, ‘no it;s been a bit of a shock what with that and this’ I indicated with my head as well to the pile of fur. This head pointing stuff was weird.


He looked over my shoulder at the fur.


‘Eth, why don’t you take…….’


‘Sinead’ I said


‘Yes take Sinead into the house for a minute, won’t tha love’ he said


Sinead shook her head vigorously and hung tighter to me burying her head in my hoodie.


‘Go on darling,’ I said quietly. , Mrs Wood will look after you’


Not in that house, I’m not going in there’ she said practically spitting the words out.


‘Come on love, we’ll go to my house, let these take care here’


She expertly coaxed Sinead out of my arms and guided her down the drive. I watched them go.


‘Well lad this is a bit of a rum deal int it?’ he said.


‘A bit of a shock’, I said


‘How long have you been engaged then?’ he enquired, ‘I know the girl was living with you. Is she Betty and Bill’s lass?’


‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘ we got engaged today’


‘Oh, congratulations then. Lets have a look at this then.’


We knelt down looking at the fur. Closer up it’d looked strange, not the dead animal that it had looked before. He tentatively prodded it with his finger. Nothing much happened. He placed his hand into the red liquid and bringing it to his nose, sniffed.


‘Well it’s blood’ he said. I cringed at the fact that this was a animal




He reached out and pulled the carcass up. As he did so out of it’s body fell a pile of gore. Red stained animal tissue wibbled and wobbled on the floor. I almost took a step back before Bob held his hand up.


‘This isn’t a real animal. Look, it’s got glass eyes and those guts there are from a chicken’


When I looked I saw that he was right, they were the innards from a chicken. He passed me the fur. I saw that it was actually a toy raccoon. Who in their right minds leaves something like this laying on a drive? Turning my mind back to the door, I realised that someone had it in for Sinead, or they were trying to get at me through her.


‘Come on lad, lets get the door shut and then we’ll go next door to the girls, give me yer keys’


I went to lock the car whilst he disappeared into the house. A few minutes later he reappeared carrying a plastic supermarket bag. He locked the door, I noticed that he’d shut off most of our lights and shut the curtains.

‘I’ll just get rid of this now’ he said, scoping the fur and innards into the bag.

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