Running Scared - In Search of Truth Pt1

My NaNoWriMo Entry for 2013.

Sinead and Tom are two like minded spirits who find that love is hard to share. They must overcome the everyday problems they have to find if Pokemon actually survive. From grimy Stockby, their search takes them to Malaysia and the truth, but can they handle the truth and will they be together at the end?

Please note that is not a novel about Pokemon.

Inspired by a conversation around a campfire.

Dedicated to the real Sinead. #iLECT


11. Is this Really Happening ? - Sinead's Point of View

"Love is all about who lands the first punch!" - Misty


We watched as the Pokeball slowly opened. Smoke rose from around the side in small bursts that disappeared quickly. Looked like it was some sort of gas. As the lid rose, I reached out and gripped Tom’s arm. Finally the lid fully opened. The theme for pokemon ran through my head as it was happening. I stifled a laugh. Tom looked at me curiously. I shook my head as if to say that I’d tell him later.


When the smoke had dissipated, we both looked closely inside the interior. It was completely empty. I picked it up, and carefully placed my fingers inside. I could feel it was almost completely smooth. There were a few little holes in places. I speculated that they were where the gas game in. There was a rubber gasket between the two halves but nothing else. The inside was a fair bit smaller than the outside, so there was obviously something in between.


I put it down disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting to find but it wasn’t nothing. I felt like crying again. What was it with the crying.


;What’s up darling?’ Tom questioned me.




‘Oh come on, what is it, remember what we promised’


‘Oh, yes’ I remembered our previous conversation, ‘it’s just that I expected something different. I suppose I expected Pikachu to burst from it’


‘Pika Pika’ Tom said laughing.


I hit him on the shoulder playfully Yes, maybe loosening up had it’s advantages. I could have a bit of a laugh and share my thoughts.


‘Well, what do we do now?’ I asked him


‘It’s interesting. At first I thought that this might just be an expensive replica, but all this mechanism and then the gas makes me think that this was made for something else, maybe it really is for keeping something in? I think it’ worth looking into. Come on let’s do some research. Sin are you going to hang around only wearing your t-shirt all day, go and get dressed’ Tom said patting my naked rear.


I laughed and pulled my clothes off the floor. As I headed to the door I whipped off my T-shirt and looked back. It was too late though, he had already got his back to me logging on to his laptop. Ah well, I suppose that there was always later. Sinead, what are you like! Laughing out loud I wondered why I was going up stairs when my clothes were down here. I pulled on my pants and bra before dressing in my comfortable jeans and t-shirt.


By this time Tom was in front of his screen and obviously engrossed with what he was doing. I went over and rested my arms on his shoulders, placing my head on top of his. I could see he was checking his emails. There seemed to be hundreds of them, well this was the first time he’d looked at them today. He obviously had clients to deal with.


‘Want a drink and something to eat ?’ I asked heading to the kitchen.


‘I’ll have a drink, but we’re out of food. Let’s go out in a bit, do some shopping and get a bite to eat’


‘Hey Ok,’ I said. MacDonalds here we come.


I came back a few minutes later with his coffee and a glass of orange juice for myself and plonked myself on a chair next to him.


‘Thanks,’ he said, ‘do you want to check your e’s in case Kiyoshi has contacted you ?


I pulled the keyboard towards me and brought up my gmail account. Quickly logging on I ran down the short list of emails. There was a couple of spams, an email from my sister that I must read later and one from Kiyoshi. My fingers trembled as I clicked on the email.


‘Hi, hope you got the Pokeball. Found these in a facility that Titon. They’re obviously being made for some sort of launch. I’m onto something big I think. I keep seeing the name Pikachu in documents. These balls are the real thing. The gas is a cryogenic, so it seems that it’s being used to keep something in suspension. I will look into what exactly they are doing. I may be off the web for a few days but I’ll be in touch soon.’


I re-read the email and could see Tom had read it as well.


‘I apologise’, Tom said, ‘I think your friend is on the level’


I hugged him and kissed his neck. It was great that he felt big enough to apologise.


‘Come on then,‘ he said, ‘lets go and get some dinner, the clients can wait until later’

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