I Love You, Anyway, No Matter What They Say

"Honey, I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you," Stevie's father said quietly. She raised her eyebrows, signalling for him to continue. "You know Maura?" "Your girlfriend?" she smiled. Maura was sweet, perfect for her father. "She has a son; Niall."


3. 3


 If this was a typical love story, fireworks would have been going off. Instead, Stevie couldn't believe she was kissing her step brother. He wasn't her first kiss, but she felt weirdly awkward, and forgot what to do.

 "That was awful! Stevie, you're a good enough actor. You've down this scene before. Put your arms around his neck. Niall, hold her waist. It's acting, people." He checked his watch. "I'll see you on Wednesday. Practice that scene.."

 Stevie walked off stage, angry with herself. She was a perfectionist, and that performance wasn't perfect. "You going town, or getting food in the canteen?"

 "I have my own lunch." He walked away, not waiting for her. Stevie grabbed her schoolbag and ran after him.

 "Most people just go to town, or, if we have detention, buy stuff in the canteen." He nodded. "Okay, then. you sitting with me?" He nodded. "Jesus Christ, talk!"

 "You're not going up town?" He didn't even glance at her, but kept walking.

 "No. I decided not to, so that you can sit with us. I was being friendly, which is more than I can say for you." She stomped ahead of him, and into the canteen, flinging her bag to the side as she sat down with her group of friends.

 "Stevie, I'm sorry." He hugged her, keeping a hold of her small body until she relaxed and hugged him back. Alison, on of her friends, raised her eyebrows and smirked.

 By the time they got back home, they were acting like nothing happened, laughing about how their science teacher knocked a test tube of water over himself.

 "Guys, we're going to the shop. We'll be back in a few hours. There's stuff for dinner. Stevie, i don't know if your dad usually lets you order Chinese or something..?" Maura picked up a pile of shopping bags and pushed them into one big bag.

 "No, I usually just make dinner."

 "Do your homework, too. No computer. No horses until it's done!" Stevie's father smiled a little, but still had a firm look on his face. Stevie had no idea how he managed that.

 "Okay, Adam, it's time to go!" Maura dragged him out to the car. Stevie smiled; she was glad he had found someone that made him happy.

 Stevie, after years of working with horses, got straight to work, mixing up a dinner, while preparing the horses' feeds.

 "Come on, I have money, we can get chips or something." Niall tried to drag her away.

 "From Mario's?" Stevie looked at him, her eyes wide. She had never been allowed to get food from the chipper's.

 "Yeah. Now come on. We can do homework later. All we have is drama, isn't it?" He didn't even have to look at Stevie to know she was glaring at him.

 "Okay, we should do our drama now." Niall put the bucket in Knight's shed.

 "We can do it tomorrow," Stevie complained.

 Niall sighed. He didn't know why he wanted to do it so much. "They'll be home tomorrow. What will they say if they see?" Without waiting for an answer, he walked away. Stevie knew he was right, so she followed him up the stairs and... into her room?

 "Get out!" she screeched as he turned the handle. Stevie grabbed it and slammed the door closed. "Never go into my room."

 "Okay. We'll practice in my room, then." And that's what they did. Going over each line ten times until they reached the kiss. Niall took her in his arms and planted his lips on hers just as the door opened.


 Hey guys, thanks for reading. Six likes and two comments for the next chapter? Thanks. :) xxx

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