Falling ( Niall Horan)

Megan boldy is an eighteen years old college student. She went to Oxford with her bestfriend, Bethany Doll. This life was all they wanted to experiment but what they didn't know, is that meeting a couple of guys would shutter all their plans.


3. 3

"Hey there." He whispered in my ear. "Nice to see you again." I noticed an Irish accent. 

"Hey you very polite person." I answered sarcastically and took my notebook. 

"Wanna know my name?" I could hear the cockiness in his voice. I ignored him and kept taking notes. He came even closer and said, "You know that you can't resist me don't you?" What the hell was his problem? "Fuck off." I answered harshly.

"You'll see princess. You're going to fall for me." He pauses."I'm going to make you feel so good and you're going to moan my name over and over again." Damn it. What was happening to me? I felt something in my belly as his words came out. 'He's just another asshole Megan. Don't ever forget that.' I convinced myself.

"I doubt that Horan. Now if you could please shut the fuck up and let me concentrate, it would be nice of you." The class went by slowly and so did all of my other classes. I was with Beth in Biology, English, and Drama. I spent all day thinking of what the unnamed guy said. 'I'm going to make you feel so good.' Ugh. Stop thinking about him. I walked in the girls' dorm and went straight to my room. I laid down on my bed. Beth wasn't here yet so I decided to begin my work. 30 minutes later she came in with Harry.

"Meeeeg! Dress up. We have a party tonight!" She shouted. Excitement clear in her voice. 

"I have a lot to do love. Go with Harry." I responded. "You're not fun! Please!" She looked at me and made that look that makes anyone give in. "Okay." I sigh in defeat. "I'll pick you up in an hour. Is that okay?" Harry asked politely. "Yup. Thank you." Beth answered for both of us. I smiled at him.

She wore a short red dress with black heels. That wasn't my type. I just put on black shorts, a white ample t-shirt, and wedges. We put some pouder, blush, mascara, and eyeliner. We looked at the mirror of our closet. "Damn. You're hot Meggie." We both giggled. "And so are you honey." I smiled, satisfied with my look. A few minutes passed and Harry knocked on the door. He was wearing a black t-shirt with dark jeans and white converses.

He looked up at Beth and whispered in her ear, "You look lovely babe." She blushed and smiled. "Let's go guys!" Harry said. We followed him and got into his huge range rover. Beth sat next to him in the passenger seat smiling. The trip was quite short. We laughed and sang along with the songs on the radio. "We're here." Curly finally said as he stopped the car.

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