Falling ( Niall Horan)

Megan boldy is an eighteen years old college student. She went to Oxford with her bestfriend, Bethany Doll. This life was all they wanted to experiment but what they didn't know, is that meeting a couple of guys would shutter all their plans.


1. 1

"Finally, we're here!" I shouted as we stepped into the girls' dorm rooms. I looked up at my best friend, Bethany and she seemed to be the happiest girl in the world. We were in our room in Oxford University. That was our dream since we were 10. Beth is like my little sister. We've grown up together in a little city named Dartford. We had pretty tough high school years but it seems so far away now.

"Let's unpack our things so we can go out and enjoy our first night in college!" She told me.

That's what we did. At 7pm, I put on a t-shirt, my tight jeans, and white converses. I waited until Beth got ready. We put on some make up and then went out.

"Let's go to Starbucks!" I told her when I saw a coffee shop on the other side of the street. "Hello ladies, what would you like?" An old lady called Casey asked us. "A double chocolate chip frappuccino for me." I kindly replied. "And a strawberry smoothie for me please." A few minutes passed by and a waitress came with our drinks.

"Mmmm! This! My girl, is the best thing in life." I said with a mouthful of cream and Beth bursted out laughing. As we were talking, a band of hot guys entered the shop. I felt someone's gaze on me and when I directed my attention to someone in particular, I was hypnotized by the blonde guy with amazing blue eyes. My best friend brought me back into reality and we decided to go back to the dorms.

"Do you know them?" I asked my best friend. 
"I've heard about them. They're the group of guys that could get anything they want when they wanted something.. why are you asking?"

"Nothing. Just the blonde guy seemed to catch my attention. Anyway there are plenty of guys here and besides we're here to study." I answered trying to convince myself. "Yup!" She said and hugged me.

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