Those London Nights // (Niall Horan)

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1. Chapter 1

I hope you guys enjoy this fanfic! It's my first vampire 1D one in a while so please bear with me and everything shall be all grand and rainbow donuts and unicorns XD. 



-Scarlett's POV-


I was on my way to this new club with my friend Emily-Jane. She said it was called Liquid. I know. Weird name for a club right? I'd rather be at Jersey Shore's infamous club Karma rather than trudging around with my best friend to some place that's probably going to tank within the next few months. Anyways, we had started getting ready when we got home from our work at Tesco's. 

"Okay. Which one?" Em asked and held up two dresses. One red/black, and one plain black. 

The red/black one had a regular black short sleeved bodice with a red sheer high-low skirt and a thick black elastic waistband. 

"The red one." I said indefinitely. 

She sighed and tossed it at me. 

"You know what this means right? You picking that dress?" She said, sitting next to me on her bed. 

"No?" I said, clearly confused. 

"Heels." She giggled, obviously enjoying herself too much already. 

We'd only been sipping on small amounts of champagne and she was already slightly tipsy. 

"Noooooooooo!" I screeched, laying back and covering my face with one of her throw pillows. My screams came out all muffled. 

She tore the fluffy piece off of my face and threw it across her room. Hey. They aren't called throw pillows for nothing right?

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" She screamed back. 

"I hate you." I said, sticking out my tongue at her. A childish gesture that made us both crack up laughing. 

"Here. I have the perfect ones." She said, hopping up from her spot and heading over to her small walk-in closet. 

She came back soon with a pair of strappy black snakeskin embossed Prada heels. Those were her favourites. 

"No Em. I can't take your favourites. Plus those are super expensive!" I screeched again. 

"I insist! Plus you'll look smokin hot!" She winked flirtatiously and went to get dressed. 

I sighed in defeat and took off my clothes, slipping on the dress and zipping myself up afterwards. I put on some thick gold bangles and some gold chandelier earrings to match. I did my makeup in a smoky eye and I put on some nude lipstick and lipgloss over my naturally cherry red lips for the finishing touch. Once my masterpiece was finished, I let Emily curl my hair and I did her makeup. I must say, we did look rather dashing for a night out on the town. We looked like a couple of scandalous women time travelling forwards from the 1920s. 

"Ooh! Girl we look sex-ay!" Em snapped her fingers in a 'z formation'. 

"Okay so maybe we do. But can we get going now? I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning in Northampton and I'd like to be awake in time for it while the hair dyes are still fresh." I said sarcastically. But I was kind of talking seriously. 

"Fine!" She fake sighed dramatically and I chuckled at her. 

We both grabbed our bags and headed out, calling for a taxi considering Em's in no state to be driving and I didn't even bring my drivers license with me. After mindlessly driving around for a few more minutes, the taxi cab finally pulled up to the venue and we stepped out, paying the fare and waving goodbye. 


"Tickets?" The beefy bodyguard at the front of the line asked. We showed him our VIP wristbands and he let us in immediately. 


"C'mon! This way." Em said, grabbing my arm and dragging me all the way into the VIP tent in the very back. 

The minute I stepped foot in that tent, a drink called Sex On The Beach was thrust into my hands. It was pinkish in colour and had sugar lining the rims of the glass with a toothpick spearing a chunk of pineapple in it. I took one sip of it and let the substance slide down my dry throat, making it less parched by the second. I didn't really stay long though. I went outside of it and made my way towards the bar, ordering a green-apple martini. I gazed out at the ocean of sweaty bodies grinding upon each other. I turned towards the bar, about to get another drink but came face to face with a drunkard. He swayed slightly and pressed his body up against mine; one hand on my waist and the other on my bum,  giving it a little squeeze. I yelped and smacked him across the face. His eyes turned dark and he growled in my ear. 

"You're going to regret that you little bitch." 

I whimpered in response. He simply grabbed my arm and dragged me through the crowd, throwing my body against a dirty brick wall once we reached the cramped bathroom. His tongue found its way to my neck and he slowly started sucking in different spots. He found my sweet spot and I groaned involuntarily. He smirked against my delicate skin. 

"P-please!" I begged. "Let me go!" 


"And why would I do that baby? Huh? I thought we were having fun." He slurred. 

"No!" I screeched. I clenched my eyes shut and screamed. 

When I opened them again, I saw the guy on the ground getting the crap beaten out of him by some blond Irish kid. Punch after punch, my offender slowly started losing consciousness. Even when he did, the blond kid wouldn't stop. 

"Stop!" I said, pulling the blond off of the lifeless body before him. "You're going to kill him!"

"What?" He said, scrunching his eyebrows in confusion. 

"Y-you're. Gon-n-na. K-kill him..." I hummed, collapsing into the blond's body, him catching me in time before my body went limp and I collapsed again, letting darkness overcome me and pull me into a deep sleep. 

Yeah. So that just happened!! XD. 

So anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! There's definitely more to come up soon!  Don't forget to like, comment, and share with your friends! 

Love you guys bunches!!

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