My little butterfly girl

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58. Section3 ch 58

Zelos pov

Young jae rushed over to me "what the heck happened?" He asked

I shrugged holding a tissue to my nose as blood poured out

He took a couple paper towels holding it to my nose

I started to feel weak, I felt shaky and I was Turing pale by the second

"Himchan! Come here quickly!" Young jae called out 

Himchan rushed down the stairs quickly "what happe- oh my gosh zelo!" He said rushing over to us

I felt tired, I felt like I was going to pass out 

"Okay in the car" himchan said "ill call yong guk" he said 

Young jae  helped me out to the car and I lid down in the back seat as he got into the front 

Himchan soon hurried out and got into the car and pulling out of the drive way 

I felt sick to my stomach 

I cough and looked at my hand, blood coated my hand as my vision started to get blurry

" go faster!" Young jae said 

Himchan sped up and we soon got to the hospital.

I had a hard time getting up, I was in to much pain 

Himchan helped me inside as young jae followed slowly behind me 

"You'll be alright" himchan said comforting me

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