My little butterfly girl

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84. Section 4, ch 84

Zelos pov 

Himchan and yong guk where gone to Chanda to do a song with josh ramsy, hyuna was filming a video, young jae was a judge on the X factor at the moment. So, I was alone for today

I turned on the TV and watched pretty little liars 

"Never should have trusted him" I said to myself 

When it want off I turned on my phone and called sehun 

"Hello?" He said 

"Hey sehun" I said

"Hi uncle zelo" he said 

"What are you doing?" I asked 

"Practicing for the X factor with Chen" He said 

"Really? When are you going on?" I asked 

"Tomorrow when mom and dad get back" he said 

"Where are they?" I asked 

"I'm not really sure, but dong hoon and qri are here" he said 

"Okay, will ill let you go so you can practice, bye" I said 

"Bye" he said 

I hung up the phone "he's not a little kid anymore" I said to myself 

He grew up very fast, like whoa. Where did time go?

Same for dong hoon, it fells like just yesterday I met him. 

I thought for a minute then called young jae 

"Hello" young jae said 

" hi,young jae. Can you do me a favor?"

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