My little butterfly girl

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83. Section 4, ch 83

Sehuns pov (again)

I turned around and seen aunt hyuna, I jumped back knocking Chen over "you gave me a heart attack!" I said 

"I'm sorry" she said 

"Help.........ambulance" Chen said 

"Are you okay?" Aunt hyuna asked 

He got up and nodded "yes, just peachy" 

"So what are you doing here?" I asked 

"Don't hoon wanted me to come over and check on you guys" she said 

"Will, where good. Thank you though" I said 

She smiled and hugged me "its been so long, I missed my nephew" she said 

Chen stood the quietly and hyuna hugged Chen to "and I missed you to"

"I missed you to noona" Chen said hugging back 

"Will I got to go home and unpack, call me if you need anything" she said before opening the door and closing it be hind her 

"She is a nice person" Chen said 

I nodded and looked under my bed 

Rubix jumped out and started chasing her tail 

I laughed "I have a really retarded cat" I said 

Chen picked her up and she sat on to his shoulder 

"What are you doing?" Chen asked 

Rubix meowed and jumped off landing on my bed.

"How has dong hoon been doing?" Chen asked 

Recently, don't hoon got into a major accident and was terribly injured. The good thing was he didn't have weak joints anymore. I told him it would get better, in my head I could see that day. I smiled, I missed those moments

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