My little butterfly girl

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81. Section 4, ch 81

Her pov

I sat with luhan on the couch as dong hoon was up stairs doing his own thing and sehun was out side

"I feel very sorry for dong hoon" I said

The doctors said they could give him surgery for his weak joints but so far we weren't so sure that we should do it 

Dong hoon hopped down stairs on one foot, crutches in one hand and the stair rail in the other 

He sat down next to me "this thing is like lugging around a ton of briks!" He said 

"Did qri get back yet? I asked him

He shook his head "no, not yet" 

I nodded as sehun walked in

"Hey!" Dong hoon said 

"Hi dong hoon" sehun said sitting in one of the arm chairs

Dong hoon smiled and sat back 

In a couple days Chen and sehun would be at auditions for the X factor. I smiled cause I knew sehun was great at rapping, singing, dancing and playing instruments, wile Chen had a great voice and he was also good at dancing, I thought for sure that they would win.

Luhan looked at dong hoon "come on I'm going to take you to the hospital" 

He looked at luhan "why?" He asked

"You'll see" luhan said getting up and opening the door for dong hoon

I watched them leave then I looked at sehun who was flicking through songs he knew how to play on gutiar.

"So, what song are you going to do?" I asked 

"It's a secret" sehun said 

I smiled "i haven't seen uncle zelo and aunt hyuna in a wile, are they alright?" Sehun asked 

I nodded "yeah there just away" 

He nodded and looked out the window "it's snowing" he said 

"It can't be it's only October!" I said looking out the window, sehun was right snow was slowly drifting down from the sky

I smiled it was the beginning of a beautiful day

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