My little butterfly girl

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80. Section 4 ch 80

Sehun's pov

It was years later, I was 14, dong hoon was 21

He still lived here sense the doctors said he wasn't capable of living by him self.

He was still the brother he was a couple of years ago.

I walked up to the grave yard and stopped at the grave stone with Jong up on it. My uncles best friend. He was stabbed to death....

I walked over to another and seen the name kris kyungsoo

"My uncle kris" I begun "even though I've never met you, I assume you are a pretty good uncle" I said setting the picture down.

Some one tapped on my shoulder and I turned around seeing my best friend Chen 

"What are you doing all the way up here?" He asked 

"I'm just paying my respects to, uncle kris and Jong up, oh and this guy named tao" I said 

"I can pay respects to both my mother and father" he said 

Chen's parents died in a car crash last year, so he lives with his aunt and uncle now.

"Seyong said he wanted us to meet up with him at the back of the hotel" Chen said 

I nodded "okay, let's go" I said 

We walked to the hotel where seyong was standing talking to insoo 

"Your finally here" seyong said 

Chen nodded "yeah, sorry for the long wait" 

"I heard you two where going to go on the X factor" insoo said

"Good luck , you know how simon is" seyong said 

I nodded and turned on my phone 

"Your very spaced out today" seyong said

"Sorry" i said putting my phone away.

Insoo thought "isn't your uncles friend the judge in X factor, or one of them at least."

I nodded "yeah"

"You should have extra luck then" seyong said

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