My little butterfly girl

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79. Section 3, ch 79

Her pov

It's been a couple days, a couple of days sense we got that tragic call.

I sighed and looked at sehun, he had his face stuffed into a book and luhan was at work. I sighed, sehun was pretty depressed about the whole thing.

I got up and walked up to dong hoon's room

He was asleep in bed, I looked at him and sighed. I sat on the edge of his bed and kissed his cheek "I love you dong hoon" I said before getting up and walking back downstairs again 

I looked at sehun "want to go out side?" I asked him 

He shook his head.

"Are you alright?" I asked 

"Is dong hoon ever going to get better?" He asked looking up at me, he had a few tears in his eyes, this was the first time i have ever seen him cry

"Awe, don't worry sehun. Dong hoon will get better very soon, don't cry" I said pulling him onto my lap and hugging him 

"I just want my brother back" sehun said whipping tears away

Dong hoon has been asleep for a couple days and I guess sehun was starting to miss having company.

"He'll be better by tomorrow" I said 

"But what if he's not? What will we do then mommy?" Sehun asked 

I froze for a moment, what where we going to do then?

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