My little butterfly girl

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78. Section 3, ch 78

Qri's pov

"no no! Dong hoon wake up!" I said 

I pulled out my cell phone and dialled 911

I just looked at dong hoon, lying there. He just said he loved me.

I love him to, it's just there's no time for mushy  love stories, this is a real problem!

I waited for the ambulance to call and in no less then 2 minutes they came and got dong hoon

I watched the ambulance leave. 

A few tears went down my cheeks "I love you" I whispered 

"I love you" I repeated

I whipped my running make up on to my sleeve and begun to run to the hospital

"Dong hoon" I whispered 

I stopped at one point when I came up to the darkest part of town

It was filled with gangs of old men 

I hesitated but slowly walked through.

There was a group of young guys near the end.

"Do you by any chance know some one named lee Jong hoon?" I asked

One nodded "I'm his uncle" 

"Can you take me to the hospital, he's hurt" 

"Get into the car" one said

I nodded and got in. This was the most saddest moment of my life

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