My little butterfly girl

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76. Section 3, ch 76

Dong hoon's pov

I walked to Qri's locker, she was standing there waiting for me. I smiled and walked over to her 

"Hi Qri" I said 

She turned to face me and smiled "hi dong hoon"  she said "what class do you have first?" 

I pointed to my science text book "me to!" She said

We begun walking, the halls seemed so empty today.

The janitor was slowly sweeping the floor wile sining lady gaga songs.

I chuckled silently as we walked in side 

We where the only two here so far.

I sat in the corner of the room and Qri sat  in front  of me.

I took out the pill bottle and slipped two in my mouth.

They where the last two that I had for today, I didn't know if I was going to make it.

I sighed and slipped the empty pill bottle into my pocket.

More people poured in until all the seats where filled 

I sighed and sat back. I felt so sick and tired to day.

I looked at the science book and found that if was written in English.

I sighed and opened it, I could already tell this was gonna be a ruff day

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