My little butterfly girl

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75. Section 3, ch 75

Her pov (again)

I walked into the kitchen and we he's till I finally found a extra refill I sighed in relief and put the needle back into the case. Sehun stayed down stairs with zelo and hyuna as I walked upstairs to dong hoon's room 

He was sitting on his bed and he seemed to be crying.

"Are you okay?" I asked him worried 

He shook his head "it hurts badly" he said 

I frowned and passed him the injection, he took it with a shaking hand injecting it into his skin, he passed it back to me and I rubbed his back

"Are you going to be alright?" I asked him

He nodded slightly even though I could tell he was still in a bit of pain.

I kissed the top of his forehead as I walked down stairs and seen sehun talking to hyuna

She smiled brightly at him and zelo was smiling to 

"You can go back up stairs now" I said 

Sehun nodded and waved bye before walking away 

"I'm so sorry about that" I said 

"It's no problem" hyuna said 

"Is he alright?" Zelo asked 

I nodded

Zelo sighed in relief "good"

"Sehun is such a sweet Heart" hyuna said 

I smiled and so did she 

I didn't want to admit it but I just had to, I was wrong about everything, again

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