My little butterfly girl

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74. Section 3, ch 74

Her pov 

Zelo told me he had a girl friend, I was chill. But when I found out it was hyuna I started to get worried 

I have heard a lot of bad things about her and I didn't want that to affect him, yes I know I am babying him but zelo means a lot to me, I want to keep him safe from danger, until he was ready  to face the world on his own

He said he would come over later and bring hyuna, luhan would be at work so it would be just the right timing 

When they where about to come I made sure sehun stayed with dong hoon upstairs

I heard a knock on the door and I opened it to zelo and hyuna 

Hyuna was slightly shorter then zelo, she was wearing a short dress with her hair down and she was wearing flats, she even dressed like people described her as 

"Hi" I said shaking her hand

She smiled and shook my hand "hi, it's nice to meet you" she said 

I smiled "it's nice to meet you to, come in" I said moving out of the way 

They came in and sat down, I sat next to zelo and we talked for a bit 

Sehun walked to the bottom step and looked at me "mommy" he said 

"Yes" I said 

"Dong hoon said for me to tell you to bring him his injection, he said he feels weak" he said 

Then it hit me, I took the injection to get it refilled but guess what, I got so into thought I forgot to go to the store and get the refills

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