My little butterfly girl

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73. Section 3, ch 73

Zelos pov

I walked down the streets of Seoul, my girlfriend hyuna told me to meet her down by the allyway.

I wasn't sure when I was going to tell brittany about hyuna, I don't know if I was.

I thought for a bit then decided I was going to tell brittany, I loved hyuna and by telling brittany I was really showing hyuna how much I loved her.

Besides, brittany wouldn't just judge her with out knowing her, will she did do that to himchan and yong guk.

I sighed and walked up to hyuna hugging her from behind 

She giggled and turned around looking at me "you came!" She said throwing her arms around my neck 

I nodded "I won't let you down" I said 

She smiled and took my snap back off my head and slipping it onto her head.

Hyuna had short blonde hair, she had fan skin and dark brown eyes, she was wearing black short shorts with a tank top and a jacket over it along with some high tops.

I smiled and hugged her again, she was perfect, I didn't care what anyone said 

"We should go to my place and watch movies"  she said

I nodded "sure"

She smiled and clapped as I took her hand 

She begun to walk and I noticed her cheeks getting a tiny bit red.

As we walked I begun to think again, I then decided I was going to tell mom before I told brittany. Maybe then mom could make brittany a little chill about it

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