My little butterfly girl

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72. Section 3, ch 72

Her pov

I woke up on Friday, luhan was lying next to me, I smiled and looked out the window, it was a dark grey day.

I got up and got dressed then walked to sehun's room.

Sehun was no where to be found, I gave a confused look as I walk out and closed the door 

I walked to dong hoon's room and opened the door, dong hoon was sitting in bed solving a rubix's cube wile sehun was sitting next to him watching in amazement 

"What are you doing up so early?" I asked them

Dong hoon looked at me "he woke me up cause he couldn't sleep, now I am solving a rubix's cube"

Dong hoon turned one more set of blocks and the rubix's cube was solved.

Sehun took it and studied it "whoa!" He said 

Dong hoon took it and messed the blocks up then passed it to sehun "here you try" 

Sehun started to turn some then he looked at dong hoon "how could I move this one?" He asked pointing to a red block

"Turn it left side ways then turn it right going up and down" dong hoon said 

Sehun followed the instructions and smiled 

"Thank you!" He said 

I smiled and walked out. I walked down to the kitchen and started to make breakfast.

When I was done I walked up stairs to wake luhan up 

"Luhan wake up" I whispered

He opened his eyes and sat up. 

I smiled "good morning" I said 

"Good morning butterfly" he said 

I smiled and kissed his forehead "breakfast is ready, tell the kids" I said walking out and walking down stairs as I set the table.

They walked down stairs and sat at the table as I passed them there plates 

"Did you take your injection?" I asked dong hoon

"Yeah" he said

I nodded and sat down 

Sehun was still trying to solve the rubix's cube

"Turn the yellow one up wards" dong hoon said 

Sehun twisted it and two of the sides where completed 

Luhan smiled  at them.

I picked up my phone and seen I had a text from zelo 

He said something about himchan and dong hoon and pills, what was this supposed to mean

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