My little butterfly girl

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70. Section 3, ch 70

Her pov 

Luhan was at work and both sehun and dong hoon where at school.

I sighed and turned on the TV.

Mostly every channel was talking about bap.

I didn't really want to think about that so I turned on the news channel.

They where talking about some kind of shooting over in busan. Who do I know over in busan? I thought 

I kept thinking and thinking, but I was just blank.

I looked out the window at the cherry blossoms, sehun was right. There are tons of them.

I sat on the rail and watched the fisherman unload there boats. Then I heard a knock at the door so I got off the rail and walked back inside opening the door to yoon jo.

"Hey!" I said 

"Hi!" She said 

I moved so she could come in, we sat on the couch and she smiled "I heard about your two sons!" She said 

I smiled "what do you think" 


"In my opinion, I think sehun looks a lot like luhan" she said 

I thought about it, you know he kinda did 

"Sehun is so adorable, that goes for dong hoon to he is very handsom" yoon jo said 

"He has weak joints" I said 

"Awe" yoon jo said "I can't wait to meet them, where's luhan?" She asked 

"He's at work" I said 

She nodded as dong hoon walked in followed by sehun 

"Hi guys" I said 

"Hi mommy!" Sehun said

Yoon jo smiled "hi"

He looked at yoon jo and waved "hi!" 

Dong hoon sat at the table and opened up a text book

"How was your first day?" I asked him

"It was fine" he said quietly 

I nodded slightly "hi" yoon jo said to him

He waved and kept looking through the text book

"Don't be shy" I said to dong hoon

He sighed and walked off upstairs to take his injection. 

"Is he okay?" Yoon jo asked 

I nodded "he's just shy" 

"He's not shy" sehun said "he's frustrated" 

"Why" I asked 

Sehun shrugged "I don't know he said we shouldn't worry" 

I nodded and looked out the window again

Yoon jo got up "I must be off" she said walking out 

I walked up to dong hoon's room  and walked in 

"Is everything alright?" I asked 

He nodded and started to draw

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