My little butterfly girl

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69. Section 3, ch 69

Zelos pov

We where all at the studio waiting for our manager, he said he wanted to speak with us about some thing important.

I was just wondering what it was about. 

I sat next to young jae as himchan, young guk and Jong up sat on the other side.

Our manager came in and passed out papers as chunji and bom walked in also

"Here is your song" chunji said 

"We stayed up for two hours working on it" bom said 

I read the lyrics over in my head, of course it was broke into parts on who sings what but when I read them all together it sounded like a soft soothing song. 

I smiled thinking of how excited daehyun would be about this.

"We will start filming later in the after noon, first we need to begun the recording, so follow me" chunji said 

Bom walked with chunji as me and the others followed behind.

It was a long wile recording so after we where done we ate and got ready for the filming.

It was to be film in many different places out side.

The stylist got us ready as we walked out to the front and got into van that would take us to our location. 

Himchan seemed to be very quiet lately 

"Have you noticed himchan has been acting quiet?" I asked young jae 

"Yeah, it's probably cause of the diet pills he's taking" young jae said 

All I could think about from there was the day I met dong hoon, was what he was taking dieting pills to?

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