My little butterfly girl

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68. Section 3, ch 68

Dong hoon's pov

I walked into the school and walked to the office asking for text books and a locker number she put them on the desk and I picked them up bowing to give thanks.

I walked out and walked to the locker I was assigned to. I put my text books in and seen I had English first.

"Oh no" I said quietly, I wasn't ready. I knew I wasn't ready.

I got out the English book and headed to the class room. I looked around, no one was there I took out the pill bottle and slipped two in my mouth 

I opened up my text books looking at the pages, I didn't know have of these words.

I put my hand on my head in frustration, I totally wish I was home schooled

A couple over people came in, some talked silently others where talking about me, I didn't care any way 

When the teacher  came in he didn't notice me, that was a good thing sense I didn't want to pay to much attention to my self 

After class I walked up to my looker.

Two guys walked up to me 

"Hey dork" one said 

"Go away" I said 

"I heard you where adopted, must be sad sense no one wants you" he said as they both begun to laugh 

I curled my fist into a ball and I swear my blood was boiling.

"Will, my parents chose me, your parents are sadly stuck with you" I said shutting my locker door and walking away

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