My little butterfly girl

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67. Section 3, ch 67

Her pov 

I watched dong hoon and sehun, I couldn't help but smile, it seemed like they had a very powerful connection 

I looked at luhan who was watching TV 

"What are we watching?" I asked

"I have no clue" he said 

"The kids are getting along very will" I said 

He looked at me "really?" 

I nodded "dong hoon talks in full sentences to sehun" 

"A miracle is happening" luhan said

I smiled and looked back at them, dong hoon was pointing at something and sehun was listening to all dong hoon had to say, dong hoon talked in Chinese to him, so I couldn't really understand. But sehun had a huge smile on his face

He's been talking in English so much, I guess he's happy to hear his own language.

Dong hoon kept talking and talking, I was shock. It seemed like dong hoon never wanted to speak but right now words where pouring out 

Sehun kept listening and every so often he would say some stuff to dong hoon

I could tell dong hoon was a great brother, and he would get greater and greater in the future

"Did you take your injection?" I asked dong hoon 

"Yes umma" he said 

Sehun looked at him "what's the injection for?" 

"It's for my joints, there weak" he said 

"There weak?" Sehun asked 

Dong hoon nodded "I can't move them very will, when I take the injection it makes my joints strong" 

"Will they ever get better?" Sehun asked

"No, I don't think so" dong hoon said 

"Will maybe one day it will go away" sehun said 

"I wish" dong hoon said 

"It will don't worry, doctors will find a cure and you will be able to move" sehun said 

Dong hoon smiled as I turned back 'if only sehun knew' I thought

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