My little butterfly girl

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66. Section 3, ch 66

Dong hoon's pov

After zelo left I walked inside and took my injection. It made me feel very tired and ill but I shook it off, I didn't want to refer to myself as weak.

I sat on the sofa and looked out the window 

Umma sat next to me "how is the English studies going?" She asked 

"It's hard" I said 

"You'll get use to it" she said

"I hope" I said 

"So, you start school tomorrow. Are you nervous?" She asked

I nodded slightly "very" 

"Don't worry, everything will be fine" she said 

I nodded making my self believe I was gonna be okay, deep inside I could tell I wasn't going to be okay.

Sehun sat next to brittany and opened at book

I smiled at him and opened up my note book

"Can I see some?" Umma asked 

I nodded passing her the book as she looked at some "your very good" she said

"Thank you" I said taking my book back 

I sat near the window pain and opened my note book to a fresh page. Sehun sat next to me "what are you looking at?" He asked

"You see that house over there?" I asked 

He nodded "yes

"I'm going to draw it" I said 

"I like drawing" sehun said

I nodded "me to"

I studied the house carefully the started to sketch a few things. Sehun watched me

I finished and he looked from the picture to the house "it looks the same!" He said

"Sorta" I said 

"Have you seen the cherry blossom trees?" I asked him 

He shook his head 

"You see those pink and white flowers?" I asked 

He nodded "there every where" 

"Those are cheery blossoms" I said 

"Do you like reading?" Sehun asked 

I nodded sense I didn't quite know how to respond

Sehun smiled "me to!, you are the best brother ever!" 

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