My little butterfly girl

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62. Section 3 ch 62

Zelos pov

I woke up with a massive head ache, the room was pitch black but I could hear snoring, so I guess young jae and Jong up where sleeping.

I picked up my phone and seen I had a missed call, then texts 

I checked the texts mainly cause they where from brittany, she mentioned a new nephew. 

Seriously what was up with all the kids? 

I sighed and texted back as I laid back down and looked out the window 

"Are you up?" Young jae asked

"Yes" I said

 young jae climbed down the ladder and sat on the edge of my bed 

"How do you feel?" He asked

"I feel really good"  I said 

He smiled "that's really good"

"Shhhh" Jong up said 

Young jae took a pilliow and threw it at Jong up "zelo did it!" He said 

"Oh it's on" Jong up said in his sleep and throwing it back and hitting young jae in the face 

We all laughed as himchan came in and turned on the lights 

"Ah!" Young jae said 

"Sorry" himchan said sitting on the floor

I looked at the ceiling "tao's funeral is today" I said

"Really?" Young jae asked 

"Yes, should we go?" Himchan asked

I nodded "he was a good friend of my sisters"

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