My little butterfly girl

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61. Section 3 ch 61

Her pov

I woke up the next morning and walked down stairs 

Luhan's stuff was next to the couch and a note was sitting on the table 

'Gone to get lee dong hoon, I'll be back in a little wile' I read

I sighed and sat on the couch turning on the TV. I was very excited to have a new son.

I heard the door open and close along with some whispers 

Luhan walked in followed by a boy with greenish blue hair, the boy was pretty tall yet shorter then luhan.

"Luhan!" I said hugging him 

"Hey" he said hugging back 

The boy stood there quietly looking around 

"Who's this?" I asked 

"This is lee dong hoon but he likes to be called donghoon" luhan said 

"Hi donghoon, I'm your step mom" I said 

He nodded "nice to meet you" he said 

He seemed a bit shy and quite, kinda like sehun but sehun was more out going really.

Luhan looked at donghoon "ill show you to your room" he said 

Dong hoon nodded as they walked off up stairs 

I smiled and begun to make pancakes for breakfast.

Wile I waited I picked up my phone calling zelo. I waited for a wile "pick up zelo" I whispered 

It turned to voice mail and I sighed. It's been two days. Young jae said he'd call me back but he didn't, what was going on?

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