My little butterfly girl

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60. Section 3 ch 60

Luhan's pov

I walked into the office and locked the door sitting in the corner and putting the phone on my lap

I dialled Brittany's number and waited "hello?" She said

"Hi butterfly" I said

"Luhan?!" She said

"Yeah, it's me" I said

"When are you coming home?" She asked 

"I'm leaving tonight, I'll be home in the morning" I said

"I'm happy your coming back" she said 

"The foster home called" I begun "they want to know if we would take in some one else" I said 

"Like who?" She asked 

"He's name is lee dong hoon, he's 14 and he has been there for over 10 years, he'll be our other son" luhan said

"It sounds good" she said 

"I'll bring him back with me" I said 

"Okay, I can't wait. Sehun should be excited to" she said 

"Can I speak to him?" I asked 

"Yeah" she said 

"Hello?" Sehun said 

"Hey buddy" I said 

"Daddy!" He said 

I smiled "what are you doing?" I asked 

"Reading" he said 

"What book?" I asked 

"Treasure island" he said 

"Is it a good book?" I asked

"Yes, daddy, when are you coming home?" He asked 

"I will be home when you wake up tomorrow, I'm also bringing home a older brother" I said 

"Really?!" He asked 

"Really" I said 

"Yay!" He said 

I chuckled a bit 

"Listen, I have to go pack, I'll see you tomorrow, I love you bud, till mom i love her to" I said 

"Okay, I love you to daddy" he said 

"Bye" I said before hanging up

I walked out and walked down the hall to my dorm 

I sat on the bed and sighed, looking out the window I seen xiumin,mir and jr practice shooting

Kwon was standing there watching with a impressed look on his face.

I laid back listening to the gun shots carefully.

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