My little butterfly girl

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57. Section 3, ch 57

Her pov

I went upstairs and checked on sehun, he was still sound asleep in bed. I smiled and closed the door walking back down stairs and picking up my iPad, I kiked zelo

'Face time?' I asked him 

'Sure' he replied 

I turned on face time and called zelo. He answered in at least 5 seconds 

"Hello?" I said 

"Hey" he said

I smiled "I heard your in a group"I said

"Yeah, I was going to tell you. Haven't got the chance" he said

"It's alright" I said

He smiled 

"Zelo, who are you skypeing?" I heard 

Zelo looked over "brittany" he said

"Who's there?" I asked 

"Young jae" zelo replied 

"Hey brittany!" Young jae said 

"Hi young jae" I said 

Zelo looked at him "come here" he said

Young jae came over and sat next to zelo

"Hey brittany brittany!" Young jae said

I laughed "hi" 

Zelo covered his face "I'll be right back" he said through his hand 

"What happened?" I asked

Young jae shrugged "I don't know" he said 

I nodded and looked at young jae "how are you?" I asked

"I'm pretty good, how are you?" He asked 

"I'm fine, thank you" he said

"Young jae!" Some one called out 

"What do you want himchan-ah?" He said

"Where's Jong up?!" He said

"I don't know, with yong guk?" He said

I sat there quietly 

"Oh god dam- I mean darn it" himchan said

"Nice one" young jae said 

Young jae looked back at the screen "sorry" he said 

"It's notta problem" i said

Young jae looked up and he looked shock "we are gonna have to face time later" young jae said before disconnecting.

What happened? I thought

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